Friday, 24 October 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter - The Contagion is Spreading...

It'll spread even further once I assemble the remaining 120 of the 155 Mantic Zombies I purchased...

The Contagion is Spreading
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Our October releases - Deadzone: Contagion,Mercenaries and the Plague Zombies - are now available from all good hobby retailers and are shipping from the webstore!
Deadzone: Contagion gives you more ways to play, whether you're going solo with the A.I. Cards, or spending the evening beating back waves of Zombies!
The new 28mm scale Plague Zombies combine to create a diverse horde of Plague-ridden, shambling zombies. Perfect for your sci-fi wargame of choice.

This means if you order them now you’ll receive them in a few days time - so there’s no reason to wait! Get on over and get your new sci-fi zombies or the latest expansion for the sci-fi skirmish game here!

Don’t forget! The Plague Zombies Mega Deal ends 31st October – that’s over 75 figures for just £49.99. Don’t miss it.

Going Viral

The Deadzone: Contagion rulebook and A.I. cards are now available to download from Mantic Digital, both as a PDF for offline use and on the online reader.

The book and cards have also been automatically included in theDeadzone Compendium as well.

That means if you’ve already bought it you’ll find the new files in your library waiting to use, whilst if you’ve yet to get thecompendium you can now do so with all of the great other books for a bundle price of £24.99. Find out more about Mantic Digital here!
For whom the bell tolls...
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Bell of Lost Souls get their paws on the new sci-fi zombies...

Check out their unboxing above!
Dave's Hobby Tips!

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Dave returns with a new Hobby Tips video all about kitbashing Plague and Kings of War zombies!

Get your own Plague Zombies and Kings of War miniatures to kit bash together in our Plague Zombies mega army deal right here!

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Come and see us - our show calendar has now been updated!

16th October: Spiel, Essen
26th October: Boston Wargames Club Open Day, Boston
26th October: Fiasco, Leeds
26th October: Total Wargamer- Kings of war Tournament, Worchestershire
26th October: Oktoberfest, Australia
1st November: Crisis, Antwerp
16th November: Crusader Bowl, Cwnbran, South Wales
29th November: Mantic Open Day, Nottingham, UK - Tickets.
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