Monday, 27 October 2014

Unboxing - Mars Attacks Miniatures Game - Part 1

I did my Kickstarter Pledge for the Mars Attacks Miniatures Game through a local hobby Store (Titan Games). I'd never been involved in a store pledge before as I usually do everything direct but in this case I wanted to support my local store...I pledged at the $150 one click level but I'll just be covering the normal box set in this feature and then I'll look at the extras in another.

You know how these things work by now...

Note - All the pictures have been taken at a fairly high definition so for a more detailed look you can always save the pics to your desktop and zoom in.

Box Cover.

We'll have a look at some of the general bits and pieces first and then have a closer look at them and the miniatures afterwards.
You get dice and counters that represent both game effects and certain models that appear during game events that you might not have purchased yet as things such as flaming cattle are purchased separately. You also get an instruction book, a deck of cards, a tracker for your heroes/turn counter, terrain (we'll look at that in detail in a bit) and a fold-out paper play-mat (there's a nicer one available that's also separately purchasable but the one included is more than adequate for playing the game on).

The instruction booklet is well laid out with clear rules diagrams and simple but effective descriptions of abilities, missions, etc.

The Miniatures.
The standard game comes with ten heroes (nine human and one Martian), ten human soldiers and twenty Martians.

You get two lots of these and tiny plastic helmets for them. I didn't photograph them with the helmets on as the reflections were obscuring the detail.

The Deck.
The deck contains two types of cards. One has events on them such as civilians wandering onto the battleground or flaming cattle and the rest have abilities on them that you can play during the game that will be familiar to any Deadzone players amongst you.

Event Cards.

The pictures on the left show the different card types whereas the one on the right shows you how many you get of each. The cards have human abilities on one end and Martian ones on the other...

You get two bags of the standard ruined terrain and one lot of urban accessories as well as the clips you need to assemble them. I've included a sample pic of an assembled piece as well. The clips seem sturdier than the ones that come with Deadzone terrain which would seem to make taking them apart and reassembling them a bit more viable.

Here's some pictures of the aforementioned Titan Games's own set that they've been using for demo purposes.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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