Thursday, 21 April 2016

Black Library Newsletter

Some new releases from Games Workshops Black Library...

The Black Library Gallery Print range has expanded once more, with 16 new prints available now. 
Each of these features artwork from the Horus Heresy by Neil Roberts. Fill your wall with classic covers and epic battle scenes from Cybernetica, Age of Darkness, Fear to Tread and many more. 
There are limited numbers of each deluxe card-mounted print, so don't delay – check them out now.
It's hard to believe that it's only been a handful of years since David Annandale's debut short story, 'The Carrion Anthem' hit the editorial inbox, but in that time he's become a Black Library mainstay with fingers in every fictional pie. Here are his thoughts on that initial submission and the current opportunity.
"I made my first sale to Black Library through an open submission window (for Treacheries of the Space Marines). I can't say enough about the importance of that window. It is a rare thing indeed for publishers of tie-in fiction to provide such a way in for new writers, one that demystifies the process, and that opportunity changed my life.

My advice for applicants is to read the guidelines carefully, follow them religiously, and learn everything you can about the property you're going to write about. You want to show that Black Library will be entrusting these wonderful characters to safe hands."
Will you be the next pair of safe hands? You have one more week to get your story ideas in – check out the submissions guidelines on the website to make sure you're hitting the right target, and download David's debut now to see what wowed the editors.
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