Sunday, 10 April 2016

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Friday 10/04/16
Silently, beneath the chill Atlantic waters, Russia’s missile submarine is heading west. NATO wants her, the Russians want him, Marko Ramius. With all out war only seconds away, the Soviets must comb 3000 miles of darkness to find their stolen property and keep hold of a weapon that could end the cold war.

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River Horse is proud to announce that the Hunt for Red October is Kickstarter ready and will be released soon. A strategic and unique wargame for two players, the Hunt for Red October is two games in one, a game of subterfuge where Marko Ramius attempts to outfox the entire Soviet Navy using a variety of tricks. In a second scenario the might of the Red fleet is pit against the combined NATO forces in the ‘cold war gone hot’. In each scenario the location of submarines is a precious resource, a secret that must be guarded so that at the right moment you may slip away to safety or strike your enemies from the deep! So enter the north atlantic in this unique tactical wargame and remember
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Alessio reveals news about the Hunt for Red October in thisBeast's of war Weekender!
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On Saturday 16th April River Horse will be trading at Salute 2016, at the London Excel centre. We're on stand TD03, look forward to seeing you there!
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