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An updated version of Deadzone is incoming...

Activate Containment Protocol
The Warpath Universe has long been in development. Starting from humble beginnings in 2011 with the Marauders and the Forge Fathers, we’ve fleshed out the races and the universe within which they dwell in new and exciting ways. After the Warpath battle game our next foray into sci-fi was futuristic sport but it was Deadzone that marked our return to sci-fi wargaming.
Deadzone put you deep in a claustrophobic city fighting against (or for) an alien plague outbreak – or reveling in the chaos and looting the city for resources. It could be played as a self-contained boxed game with a small figure count making up your strike team or expanded with extra scenery, factions and booster figures.

Since then Deadzone grew into a large and unwieldy gaming system and so after running the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter – which saw the rat-like Veer-myn faction added to the game - we took the opportunity to revisit the core rules. That work and effort soon evolved and 2nd Edition was born.
Click the image above to watch the trailer.
Deadzone 2nd Edition Rulebook and Starter Set
Deadzone is a 2-player sci-fi skirmish game where you lead a strike team of soldiers into an urban battlezone, battling against your enemy in an attempt to fulfill your mission objectives.
The new edition offers:
  • Streamlined core rules offering faster gameplay.
  • Getting started section
  • An overhauled campaign system
  • Complete Force Lists for 7 different Factions and mercenaries: Enforcers, Forge Fathers, Marauders, Rebs, Asterians, Forge Fathers and Veer-myn included in the book.
  • New missions
  • A more affordable starter set with hard (sprued) plastic miniatures.
Read ‘Getting started with Deadzone 2nd Edition' to learn more.
The Deadzone 2nd Edition Starter Set is entirely hard plastic - featuring brand new Forge Father Steel Warriors (that also make Stormrage Veterans and Rekkhyrr), Enforcer troopers (can also be built as Assault Enforcers and come with heavy weapon options and sergeant) and Enforcer Pathfinders with DOG Drone!
If you’re an experienced player you can find out what’s new in Deadzone here. All you’ll need to start playing 2nd Edition is a copy of the rulebook and a set of the new command dice.  We’ve handily put these together with a set of the new acrylic counters (they’re different from the original set) in our Veteran Commander bundle.

Deadzone 2nd Edition is now available to pre-order from your friendly local gaming store and the Mantic website. It will begin shipping in May.  Whether you’re a new or veteran player, you don’t want to miss out on our special pre-order deals.
Battle for Hera - Mega Deal only available until midnight 23rd May
An awesome collection for getting started with the 2nd Edition of Deadzone, inside you’ll get the complete starter set – including 11 Enforcers, 10 Forge Fathers and scenery to play on. You’ll also get two elite faction starters to bulk out your forces with more troops, leaders and specialists, free bonus scenery for building an immersive battlefield and a set of hard-wearing 2nd Edition acrylic counters.

This mega deal will save you approximately 25% off purchasing the contents individually and is only available to order until midnight 23rd May – so don't miss it! If you want a bigger discount, two complete armies and loads more freebies then make sure to check out the Containment Protocol Ultimate Deal.
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