Monday, 25 April 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some release news from Hasslefree Miniatures...

And 2016 Starts Again!
Always feels that way after Salute. The show is fun and we get to meet a load of you guys but it doesn't half take a giant bite out of your schedule and some things come to a screeching halt for weeks. Then you have to remember what they were and start them all back up again! :)

We have a lot of snowballs to get rolling again, in no particular order we have to continue fixing old dead moulds, we have to revitalise the Modern Trooper 'bitz' and Modern Armoury pages with a new heads mould and a 'lot' of new items, we have our KS to get on with and we still have to get back into our regular metal release schedule. That's a lot of work for the next month :)

Right, before we get on with the pretty pictures, a quick announcement...
"Where's My Order?!"
I'm sorry to let you know that you've missed the pinned warning on the front page of the website, the multiple previous newsletters and the multiple warnings on our Facebook page :D
If you've ordered since the 12th April, then your order was delayed while we were at the trade show Salute. There's nothing I can do about that, there was nobody here to receive it or send it :) We're also behind on emails, we should be caught up with those at the same time as orders.

We 'are' working through the backlog as fast as we can, if you haven't received a despatch email yet it does 'not' mean it hasn't been despatched as those are manual and we are prioritising getting orders out of the door and will send a huge batch of despatch emails at once in a day or two.  After end of day tomorrow I will be emailing anyone who's order contained an issue of some kind.
Ok, let's get on with the new stuff!
Resin Master - Dynamic Ulfred
Ulfred is a warrior from the cold North. Armed with a simple axe and sword he is seen here charging into battle to whoop some butt!
Resin Master - Haleth
Haleth is a 'shieldmaiden', from the cold North. A viking-type with a penchant for axes and a bloody big shield. Seen here contemplating destroying her enemies.
Resin Master - Colt Skyclad
(That really sounds like we named him after some spoof of an 80s action hero!)

Colt Skyclad is another of Kev's finished dollies, all ready for you to practise skintones on or to sculpt your own clothing onto?

Kev, ever the artist, doesn't agree but I think it's one of his best yet!
New Metal - Ulfred
Ulfred is a warrior from the cold North. Armed with a simple axe and sword he is seen here silently watching his wife Haleth kick some arse.
New Metal - Dynamic Haleth
Haleth is a 'shieldmaiden', from the cold North. A viking-type with a penchant for axes and a bloody big shield. Seen here in the act of destroying her enemies.
New Metal - Dynamic Lenore
Lenore, The Enchantress of Evermore, a mysterious sorceress from the fabled Nor'western city. Clad in a full length robe, full length dress and thigh high boots. Seen here in a far less serene pose than her normal nature, mid-casting and all fired up.
There is a face under there we promise :) We'll try to add a cut-in of a differently lit face at some point.
New Metal - Alicia
Not technically 'new', but freshly remoulded from brand new resin masters, and freshly painted, so probably the best she's ever looked! :)

Alicia is one of our 'multipurpose' figures. Useable as anything from an average villager who happens to be armed to a merchant to an understated adventurer!
(We've mislaid her inked copy, so that will pop up in the next week sometime)
Kickstarter - A Quick Teaser!
I would say 'That's all ya get' but let's be honest, it's a pretty big teaser :)

More information in coming weeks, it is tentatively dated to run through June so information will start coming for real from now on!
Do You Know This Man?
Kev did this likeness of someone a few years ago (Pre-2012 at least) and has lost contact with the person who it is, emails not answered etc.

He can't find the details with the person's actual name so at this point we're just hoping that they're still into minis and may read this newsletter, or you're a mate and know this guy was getting this done :)

Reply on this thread if you know anything.
And Finally!
The coming weeks will see restocks, new items, new miniature lines and even more new metal!
We're going to be up to our eyeballs for probably the next 2 months straight, as the first month will be setting everything in place so the regular business still has metal releases etc. while we run the aforementioned Kickstarter. The Kickstarter is entirely fantasy-based so expect the bulk of regular releases for the next 2 months to be modern and sci-fi.

Keep an eye on our FB page for more information, but we'll try to make sure all the sneak peeks are also in the regular newsletters :)

I think that's it, anythign else can wait until next week :D

'til next time,


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