Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Raging Heroes - Flash Sale

Some news from the Raging Heroes people...


What's up amigos? Just wanted you to know about our special flash sale, but hurry up, it won't last forever ;) !

So it's simple: you get 10€ off on all orders over 69€ in our webshop when you use this discount code at checkout: TENOFF69

TGG2: last days to get in!

As you probably know, we are currently running the TGG2 Kickstarter. But what you or your fellow warmongers might do not know is that it is still possible to pledge, or to jump to a new Pledge level!

But this won't last. So if you - or you know somebody that would like to - want to be part of the TGG2: Darkness & Light amazing adventure, you're just one click away from making History: http://bit.ly/TGG2-Paypal

TGG2: the latest previews

And so if you've missed the latestTroops sculpts, here are a few images from what's coming up with the TGG2 Kickstarter (last days!), and we've got more goodness in the pipeline, so stay tuned! 

Last Releases in the shop!

Last but not least, we have released plenty of new minis including several exclusiveBox Sets and special Packs, and hey, it's a good time to shop: we've got a special flash sale going on: 10€ OFF all orders over 69€ Euros when you use this Coupon Code at checkout: tenOFF69

New Individual Miniatures Available:

If you want a new HQ figure or general for your army, look no further! Both Aleksandr and Ilsa Wolfenstein are incredibly dynamic miniatures, but also have an air of authority about them, making them great frontline leaders.

Aleksandr Kurganov is the much loved Chief Commander of the Kurgan nation. A true military genius, he's often works alongside his daughters, Olga, Ivanka andMalinka, leading the Kurganov people to some of their greatest victories!

General Ilsa Wolfenstein is a ferocious Iron Empire commander, famed for her trademark claws! Ilsa had the claws custom-made, allowing her to take the Kurganov were-creatures on in hand-to-hand combat!

Kiki Bulldozer is a highly original and characterful model... not to mentionmassive! A great addition to an inquisitors retinue, a proxy for an over-sized human, or as cool stand in for an ogre or post-apocalyptic gang member. She was freed by the Jailbirds from a Kurgan bio-lab where she was subjected to various experiments in an attempt to create a super soldier.

You can get each model separately, or save 20% grab The Big Ones special boxed set!
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Up next we have not 1, not 2, but 3 amazing new Soul Weavers for you! These models have found homes as proxy pskyers, war casters, mystics, sorcerers, seers and even radio operators, sending telepathic messages!

Baba Yaga, Soul Weaver Matriarch is equally respected and feared among the  upper-spheres of Kurgan high society. Her true age is unknown, some even whispering that she has been around since humanity's birth. While she can appear frail and vulnerable, this is not a mistake anyone ever makes twice about her...

Arushka and Sashenka, Yaga Soul-Weavers serve a range of roles on the battlefield. Alongside their more direct powers, they're also able to unleash the power of the were gene, which lies dormant within many Kurganov people, turning them into savage, near unstoppable wild beasts!

You can get each model separately, or grab all 4 Yagas and save over 16%

New Unit Box Sets Available:

Excoriators Cyber Zombies - One of the most feared varieties of cyber zombie created by the Iron Empire, they are a horrific force on the battlefield. Their unflinching obedience allowing them to march through enemy fire, steadily closing the distance, ready to begin the inevitable slaughter. 

Working well as thrall like mechanical servants, or simply as proxies for any dedicated close combat unit, the Excoriators are a great way to add a uniquelysavage squad to your army!

Jet Girls are the poster girls of the Iron Empire! Strapping on their sleek jet packs, these girls launch lightning assaults, strafing enemy lines in death-defying dives, before soaring skyward again in elaborately evasive spirals and loops.

The Jet Girls have a look that makes me say things like "jolly good rolling mate"and "absolutely spiffing paint job old chap" during games. At home in a scifiarmy as an assault or jump pack unit, they're also equally well suited tosteampunk games... using the language is of course optional :-)
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New Box Sets / Collections Available:

Don't forget to check out the rest of our catalogue in our webshop!
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