Friday, 1 April 2016

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Some Kings of War news from Mantic Games...

To battle them is to battle the world itself
While the armies of Mantica wage constant war, vying for power in a tumultuous land, they are ever watched from the darkening forests and windswept tors by the servants of the Green Lady. Seeking nothing more than true balance between the forces of light and darkness, when the scales tip too far in favour of good or evil, these Druids awaken their own armies – fey spirits, vengeful elementals and ferocious beasts – and march to restore order to the land. No leafy grove or befrosted tundra can provide sanctuary from the Forces of Nature; to battle them is to battle the world of Mantica itself.
The backbone of any army marching at the command of a Druid will comprise Centaurs, children of the earth; Sylphs, the spirits of air; Salamanders, born of fire; and Naiads, daughters of water. Around these hordes of inhuman warriors flock gigantic eagles, supernatural ethereals, walking trees, fairy folk, and horrifying constructs that embody the spirits of nature itself.

And now the power of the elements is yours to command...
Preview: Forces of Nature Naiads
Preview: Forces of Nature Naiads - hard plastic sprue with multiple weapon options and accessories - including an otter!
What's in the Box: Kings of War Forces of Nature
Pete and Dave give us a preview of the Forces of Nature Naiads and Salamanders. (Note - we are working on improving the sound.)
The Forces of Nature are now available to pre-order from the Mantic Webstore and all good hobby retailers. They will begin shipping at the end of April.

Check out the Mantic Blog for previews, sneak peaks and special deals where you can get an entire army in a box - we've got more images, painted model shots and features coming soon.
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