Saturday, 25 November 2017

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New accessory kits from Forge World...and a gigantic tank...and a beastman bounty-hunter...
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Treat Your Tank to Some New Doors This Christmas
With new doors for the Thousand Sons, Death Guard and Ultramarines, plus many more already available, chances are that whatever Legion you like best, we've got upgrades for you. Check out the range and maybe pick up a Deimos pattern tank to support your army today:
Thousand Sons
Thousand Sons Legion Doors
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Death Guard
Death Guard Legion Doors
Pre-order Now
Ultramarines Legion and Chapter Doors
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White Scars
White Scars Legion and Chapter Doors
Pre-order Now
Top 10
The Top 10
Check out our bestsellers - from warriors to war machines and more.
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Astraeus Super-heavy Tank
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Gor Half-horn
Gor Half-horn, Beastman
Bounty Hunter
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