Saturday, 25 November 2017

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Time to re-write all your army lists...'Chapter Approved' is here...
Chapter Approved is finally hereView in web browser
Chapter Approved
The Essential Gaming Supplement
Chapter Approved is your annual companion for gaming in the 41st Millennium. Design your own Land Raiders, test your skills across 24 new missions, try out expanded rules for 11 factions and play your biggest battles ever with Apocalypse - a new year of awesome gaming awaits... 
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Warlord Edition
Packed with Accessories
for Gamers
Want some exclusive extras along with your book? The Warlord Edition comes complete with a roster pad, 24 mission cards, 47 Stratagem cards, tokens and victory trackers – it's the ultimate edition for any gamer (and a perfect Christmas present!).
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Your Essential
Supplement, Enhanced
Carry Chapter Approved wherever you go with the iOS-only Enhanced Edition. Designed for iPad and iPhone, it's the whole book, plus zoomable photography, 360 degree miniature shots, scrolling and pop-up text, a glossary, bookmarks and much more – ideal for the gamer on the go.
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Save Money on Your Warhammer 40,000 Army this Christmas
Whether you're starting an army or expanding an existing collection, these battleforces are packed with powerful models at a price you'll love, making them perfect gifts!

Mighty Armies Made Easy
Each of these Battleforce boxed sets contains an army's worth of models at a cheaper price than picking them up separately, making starting a new army or bolstering an existing one easy. 

New and Improved:
Munitorum Varnish
This easy-to-apply satin varnish protects your precious models and their paint job from damage, while providing an even looking finish that looks great on the tabletop. 
Free Cards in December's
White Dwarf
This month's White Dwarf is packed with presents, from your favourite hobby magazine to you. Grab some new cards for a range of games, alongside all the awesome news, previews and guides you know and love.
Necromunda is on a Shelf
Near You!
If you've not ordered your copy of Necromunda yet, but you're looking to start your journey in the underhive, you could have one in your hands TODAY. 
Rules for Your
Classic Gang
If you're a seasoned veteran of the underhive and you've still got your gang, download these free rules and bring your favourite fighters of old into a new era of urban warfare. Available to download today from

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