Saturday, 25 November 2017

Hasslefree Miniatures - 'Black Friday' Newsletter

An extra 10% off everything from Hasslefree Miniatures...

The Artemis Black Friday Special!
(Apologies this is a little late, we are drowning in Kickstarter order sheets :) More on that below)
From now until Monday there's 10% off everything at our store!
However, and this is important, no Black Friday orders will be posted until later in the week.

Why I have posted that will also become obvious below :)
What's the code?
In case you can't see the image then the code is FRIDAY2017 and is for 10% off everything.

Usual Warning Alert - Lots of people enter our codes in the comments box, however the code box is on the final confirmation page before payment. It's at the very top of the page. If you reach the 'enter your card/paypal details' page then you've gone one step too far :)
Seems a bit simple? Well...
I know what you're thinking, just 10%? Well firstly, that's rude! ;) And secondly, as we just had our yearly sale then we thought we'd ... do exactly the same as last year, as it was so popular with you guys and gals!.

As well as the 10% code that applies across the entire website, there is a special Artemis Black Friday page with a number of miniatures at 40% off!  We've chosen 75 products across a variety of categories, both old 'and' new.

And yes, the code works on those too!

There will just be 10 each of these available, so it's first come first served, just like the real thing :) Try not to elbow any old ladies on the way to the checkout!

If we run out of enough, just like last year, I may indeed swap in some more! ;) If you make multiple orders over the weekend, we'll throw in a free mini to cover the multiple postage costs for each one, please tell us in the comments section if it's your second order though!

(That 'screen capture a long page' app goes a bit weird doesn't it?!)
Outstanding Orders
If you still have an outstanding order then don't worry, it hasn't disappeared into the aether. If your order code starts with 66 or higher, then it was almost certainly just delayed by our Halloween closure. Sorry if you missed any of the announcements or messages or the front of the website etc :) It is all in hand though!
We're waiting at last another week (21 working days since we came back) before worrying about lost mail from this period.

You should see that we've been keeping people informed in a more mass way, we've incredibly busy so individual emails wasn't an option sorry.

It looks like the Post Office is coming out the other side of the backlog though, and as mentioned above, we are letting them do so before piling the Black Friday orders on them.

If you are worried about your order for any reason, if it's older than 66*** for example, then please either PM us on FB or use the email address bwartemis at gmail dot com, that's the emergency one I pick up on my phone. Don't use it to say hi or for normal enquiries :)
Kickstarter News!
Right, two separate entities here..

If you are already  Kickstarter backer (Or made a Late Pledge through the pledge manager) - Then you can make a Black Friday order and ask us in the comments to include it with your Kickstarter (Same as with Halloween). We can sort out the details but if you also wanted to leave your KS name or backer number or any other such info then please go ahead).
We will email you when your pledge is ready to ship and sort out the double/triple postage etc. with you then :)

If you are not a backer - Then our Pledge Manager is open! Feel free to become one :)  Late pledges are being accepted, Fulfillment has started already but Late Pledges will be done once regular KS backers havebeen taken care of.
(Exceptions are anyone waiting for the final production minis, those are mentioned in the text of the product. Anyone ordering those will take a little longer).
And Finally...
As always with our sales, if you bought something a couple of hours ago we'll take care of you :)
I hope all of our US fans had a very Happy Thanksgiving :)
I slept at the unit twice in the past week just to get out fom under the Halloween madness and into the Kickstarter madness, good lord I'm tired! :D Ah well, it's one of the good problems to have I guess.
'Til next time,

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