Saturday, 25 November 2017

Mantic Digital - 'Black Friday' Newsletter

Some digital deals from Mantic Games...

Mantic Digital Black Friday Deals

It's that time of the year again so from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday we'll be running some crazy deals across all digital products, like 20% off storewide!
We've also got extra discount on Kings of War books through the Battle Compendium and a great deal on our digital novels.  

Kings of War Battle Compendium - save 30%


Kings of War Battle Compendium is a digital exclusive, pulling together all current rules, background and errata in a single ebook volume with digital enhancements designed to make your gameplay quicker.

Not only is this an absolute bargain way to complete your Kings of War collection, but we're really stretching what is capable with an ebook, including a chess clock and rules popups when viewed in a modern EPUB3 browser like iBooks or Readium. Now includes standalone versions of all 5 main Kings of War books.

Digital Novels - Half Price!

Did you know there are now five novels set in various corners of the Warpath universe, from the battlefield to the seedy underbelly of illegal DreadBall games. If fantasy is more your style, there's also the excellent Dwarf King's Quest novel by John Roberts, set in the dungeons of Mantica.

Become a Dungeon Master

People who say books are anti-social have never tried an adventure gamebook, like Rise of the Shadow King by Matt Gilbert. It's like a lightweight RPG you can pickup and play with your friends or read alone to unwind after a busy day of gaming. 


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