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Warlord Games usual mid-week newsletter...
Warlord Wednesday News & Hobby 29th November 2017
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Time is running out... and so are the Cybermen!
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Latest Deals and Great Christmas Ideas
Christmas Post Ordering Deadlines 2017
Christmas Posting Dates
Deadlines for your Christmas orders are fast approaching, check out the last dates to order by for your country in order to get your gifts in time for the Holidays!

Out today!

Doctor Who doctors and K-9 teaser
First, Fourth & Tenth Doctors box
The first, fourth and tenth Doctor
Fifth, Eleventh & Twelfth Doctors box
The first, fourth and tenth Doctor
Six New Doctors and K9
One of the doctors most loyal companions, K9, is available now for FREE when you buy all 6 doctors in this fantastic multi-buy set!
Perfect Christmas Ideas & New Releases
We have a bumper catch up edition for you today with a superb Bolt Action tank tutorial, the Gates Of Antares Nexus (the hub for everything you need) is now live, plus Test of Honour and Doctor Who...
Bolt Action
The War Gamer King Tiger Tutorial
King Tiger Tutorial:
The War Gamer shows you how to paint a late war King Tiger!
King Tiger
King Tiger Zug
Cast Dice Podcast Episode Four "The Road To Berlin" A Bolt Action Campaign Book
The Cast Dice discuss The Road To Berlin, our new campaign book in their latest podcast episode!
Road to Berlin Campaign book
Battle of Berlin box set
Antares Nexus
Nexus and Bounty Hunters
The Nexus & Bounty Hunters!:
The Nexus is an excellent repository for Antares data about the universe. Plus we have details on bounty hunters with a new PDF!
Huuk Bounty Hunter
The Nexus & Hükk!:
What is the Nexus? plus we reveal the new bounty hunter...Hükk!
Magnetise Antares
Magnetise Antares:
Rocky shows how you can magnetise the Brood Mother and Liberator!
Doctor Who
Doctor Who Exterminate Figure Preview
Doctor Who Preview:
Brian at SciFind shares an exclusive preview of what is coming for Exterminate...
Test of Honour
Ashigaru Archery Sergeant Conversion
Archery Conversion:
Dave from Splayed Paintbrush has done a superb Ashigaru Archery Sergeant Conversion!
Test of Honour Bundle A
Test of Honour Bundle B
Hail Caesar Dark Ages
Saga - Gaming in the Dark Age Period
Saga - Gaming in the Dark Age Period:
This period of history was an age of warfare that saw mighty warlords struggle for power, wealth and glory!
Events calendar
Warlord HQ events now live!
The dates are set and tickets are now available for 2 of our key 2018 HQ events:
Warlord Games Day 2018 Ticket
Warlord Open Day:
23rd June.
Grand Tournament Ticket
Bolt Action Grand Tournament:
24th-25th November.
Latest Deals
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Terminator plus 2 box sets free
3 for 2 Project Z box sets

Coming early 2018...

Samurai for Pike & Shotte
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