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Modiphius Entertainment - Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

The most recent development blog for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare courtesy of Modiphius...


It's been a while since we updated you on Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - there's been so much going on including the final dev work on the core rules, points balancing and work on the AI and Settlement which we'll be talking about soon. 

There's a bunch of updates to the pre-order coming, the first of which is we're now including a two-part paper version of the neoprene game matt in with the plastic and resin two-player starter sets. Here's a preview of what it looks like below. Check out our Facebook Live video showing the Red Rocket scenic set on the game matt along with a few painted miniatures. You can also just grab the neoprene matt on it's own. 


We had three demo tables at the massive Essen Spiel tabletop convention in Germany two weeks ago that were rammed all four days and great to meet those of you who came. We'll show off some pictures soon. This week we had some production samples arrive for lots of the first sets so we'll be doing some videos and close up pictures to show off the quality this week. 

There's been a massive update of the main Fallout: Wasteland Warfare page with all the sculpts updated for everything in Wave 1, and there's a few other pieces in there from Wave 2 to discover!

Meanwhile the Development Blog has been updated with a preview and info on the unit cards, and some Wave 2 previews including a suit of X-01 power armour with interchangeable heads for Nate or Nora - the male or female sole survivor. Check out the full armour on the dev blog.  

You'll discover the fearsome Mirelurk Queen - check the Dev Blog for an image of how she scales up to the Behemoth! There's a larger release of Mirelurks planned along with a major campaign expansion we'll be talking about soon. 

Finally we revealed a set of Objective Markers from Wave 2 which include a variety of themes, here's a couple and you can see the rest in the Dev Blog. These are designed to be full of Fallout flavour. Personally I love the guy who ended up with his head in the toilet, literally! 


Here's a few answers to questions were being asked at the moment

I can't afford $900 for the game! The full Vault-Tec package is only for those who literally want to get one of everything in a simple purchase and saving (just like purchasing the entire first few months releases of any other big miniatures game) - you don't need all of this to play

All you need is the  plastic two-player starter set for £60 / $78 which gives you 20 scenarios, 12 pre-assembled miniatures, a paper game matt, plus you get everything you need to play - dice, counters and cards and the whole rulebook - not just a starter rulebook. This will give you enough gameplay to keep you going for hours and hours. We've shown off the whole of the first 4 months releases to show you we're committed to supporting Fallout: Wasteland Warfare long term but don't feel like you need to collect everything now. The pre-order will continue until the end of February but you'll be able to pick up all the sets later on so just get started and decide which faction you want to lead in the wasteland later!

I can't log in to the forum! Our forums are currently being moved to a new site so please bear with us if you're having trouble accessing them, we'll announce when they've back up to full speed.

I signed up for the Playtesters or Vault Dwellers but haven't heard anything? We're getting the playtesters involved in the Wave 2 range of products so please be patient as we complete the final leg of work on Wave 1. We have already started emailing Vault Dwellers about specific events so watch out for further emails where we will provide more information. 

I plan to make several orders before the end of the pre-order will I still get Nuka Cola Girl? If you make multiple pre-orders in the run up to launch, your total pre-orders will be added up when qualifying for the pre-order bonus of Nuka Cola Girl. Don't worry we've got you covered!

If you have any other questions just fire off a mail to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Hope that helps! We're already planning way ahead for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare to keep delivering you awesome miniatures and missions from the Fallout games and plenty of game support to grow the community and build each of the narrative and battle game modes. Watch out for more previews of gameplay and the production miniatures coming next. 

You can find the full pre-order for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare here and don't forget the Dev Blog

Chris, Modiphius

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