Friday, 13 September 2013

Unboxing Malifaux - Guild Austringers 1 and 2

Why bother with all that tedious aiming, shooting and re-loading when you can just throw a Bayou Raptor at your enemy?

These particular models come individually in Blister packs and there are two versions cunningly described as 1...and...2....I've covered them both in a single 'unboxing' article as it makes sense to cover them both in one place.

Guild Austringer 1

Blister Artwork.

Guild Austringer 1 - Unassembled
The contact point for the 'Raptor' is relatively small when compared to the size of the damn thing but surprisingly it fit quite well. Glue activator is your best friend here...unless you have an actual friend willing to hold it in place for you that is, lol. There's quite a lot of small pieces of flash on the tips of the feathers but mould lines are minimal.

Guild Austringer 1 Stat Card (1.5)

Guild Austringer 1 - Assembled

Guild Austringer 2

Blister Artwork.

Guild Austringer 2 - Unassembled.
This models 'Raptor' isn't as unbalanced as that on Austringer 1 and was simpler to fit. The joint is surprisingly solid once made though and there's a lot less flash.

Guild Austringer 2 Stat Card (1.5)

Guild Austringer 2 - Assembled.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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