Thursday, 12 September 2013

Unboxing Malifaux - Lucius's 'Elite Division'.

So Lucius, the Governor's Secretary who effectively controls the military might of the Guild and implements the will of the Governor however he sees fit wears a mask so no-one can see his face..and it's apparently never occurred to anybody to ask why...

Lucius, Governor's Secretary.

The Box - Front and Rear.

With the unboxing articles that cover metal models I'll be taking the initial pictures without any cleaning up so you can see them 'warts and all'...

Lucius, Governor's Secretary.
This model comes in three parts. The legs fit in to the body simply enough but the hand with the walking stick has a fairly small contact area. There were no significant mould lines or similar issues.

Lucius Stat Card (1.5)

Ryle, Guild Pawn.
Fist and Gatling Gun hands are separate. There's a fairly large contact area making attachment simple but you may need a small amount of filing or some modelling putty to get a perfect fit. 

Ryle Stat Card (1.5)

Guild Guard Captain.
One hand is a separate piece but it's a good fit so no issues there. Mould lines were minimal as was flash so this was a nice easy one. 

Guild Guard Captain Stat Card (1.5)

Guild Guard.
Though having a fairly small area of contact the arm attached easily. As with any such parts, a glue activator is helpful but not essential. On a personal note, this is my favourite Guild Guard's a shame it only comes in the Lucius Starter box (as far as I'm aware) as I'd have about five of them if they were available separately, lol.

Guild Guard Stat Card (1.5)

Single piece model with next to no mould lines or flash...easy peasy...

Lawyer Stat Card (1.5)

Here's them assembled onto 30mm (except for Ryle who's on a 40mm) bases. I've put sand on the bases apart from Lucius who has an impressive rock to stand on in an 'overseeing the battle' sort of pose as I doubt he gets his hands dirty...not literally at least...

Lucius, Governor's Secretary - Assembled.

Ryle - Assembled.

Guild Guard Captain - Assembled.

Guild Guard - Assembled.

Lawyer - Assembled.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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