Monday, 26 January 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

A belated happy new year from Hasslefree Miniatures..and some new mini news of course...

Allo Everyone
So, yeah, things have been a little quiet on the newsletter front, and a little slow on the service front, since the holidays. Apologies for that, there have been a number of happenings in the last month that have had a deleterious effect on our regular service levels.

The first thing that happened actually had the least effect on our service but the largest effect in general, Stewart Griffin, the owner of Griffin Moulds who do the bulk of our metal casting, suddenly and sadly passed away just before Christmas. Our thoughts are still with his widow Jane, his family, and all those who have worked with him at Griffin for many years.
Griffin are carrying on as a company as normal but you may, completely understandably, see a couple of things slide out of stock as they obviously experienced a significant delay and have to catch up.

We also had a slight delay in resin manufacturing as one of our casters found themselves in the unfortunate position of having to find a new place to live on short notice.

The largest effect on our service though was lil ole me, my arm injury turns out to be a torn tendon and muscles in my right elbow. Which basically leaves me one-handed for a 'lot' of the things needed to be done. Sal has filled in for me updating the FB page for a while and Jenn is on top of orders and the office. Imagework, emails and general day to day running of things are experiencing one-armed bandit style delays. I have been dosed up with anti-inflammatories and I am attempting to rest it as much as possible. I'd cross my fingers for a short recovery but that actually hurts a lot :)

(Sort of amusingly, for a while Hasslefree were down to 50% in the 'working arms' status. Kev lost a fight with a dogs mouth and Sal took a fall and messed up both wrists so between 4 people we had 4 working arms, 3 of which were left ones. Can't make stuff like that up! )

This all makes January a very quiet month, we do have a few new items below though and some proper photos for the last round of metal we semi-released.. Roll on February!
Resin Master - Succubus (c)
third Succubus joins the ranks, this is the last of them for now.
There will also be a third Incubus and a Succubus Witch joining the fold to make up the complete set. Obviously, as always, 'complete' depend son sales levels but at the very least it willbe complete for a few months :)
Resin Master - Adalheid
Adalheid is a Dwarven Shieldmaiden. No, she doesn't have a beard and yes, she will put a giant spear through some part of your anatomy should you suggest it.
Also, I know it's slightly more difficult to tell with Kev's more proper dwarven anatomy but she 'is' a dwarf, Please don't be buying her and then e-mailing me asking why she's so short (24mm in this case) :)
Resin Master - Gia
Gia is a bit of an unusal case. Similar to Lena and Tabitha, she will almost certainly only be available in resin.

However unlike those two, she's bald :) Again this is a 'finished dolly' essentially. As those of you who follow his artists page on FB know Kev regularly makes an almost complete naked female for female figures that are giong to end up in figure hugging clothing. It's one of the reasons why the end result is always so good :)
If I manage to catch him before he's moved on, I regularly try and convince him to finish them off so I can get them resin cast for you guys. This time, as she's also in an unusual pose, he left her bald. Just one of those things, however a number of people on FB said they'd like her anyway so... here she is :)
Woody, Kneeling Modern Trooper
Woody is the first of our kneeling pose Modern Troopers. He comes with a choice of HK416 and Benelli/SPAS style shotgun. He also comes with the Heavy Backpack B and the 'Woody' head (boonie hat, eye protectors and half mask).
Vic Lewinski, Buff Survivor
Victoria 'Vic' Lewinski is another addition to our survivors. An ex-USAF chopper pilot, they don't come much tougher than her. Armed with killer abs and a modified FN FiveseveN. Seen here enjoying her trademark victory cigar.
Pilot Vic, Still Buff, Still Surviving
'Vic' Lewinski, seen this time in her chopper pilot gear, returning from a successful mission. Armed with a holstered FN FiveseveN sidearm, killer abs and the ubiquitous pilot shades. Give her 5 minutes and her jacket'll be off and she'll bust out a cigar! ;)
Il Capello, Cleaner
Il Capello has been working for the same family for generations. His job title has varied over the years but most people would settle on 'cleaner' and leave it at that. One thing that's definitely known for certain, he's the last person you want to come visit, as he probably will be.
Il Capello comes with a choice of two heads, The Il Capello head is the bare one with the gaunt features and the Il Cuoco head has the glasses and the van dyke beard.
Kirsten, Spunky New Yorker
Kirsten is a classic New Yorker, or she was before the Zombocalypse. Now she's more a spunky Anywherer. Seperated from her husband during the Event she hides her worry and grief behind a boisterous upbeat attitude. Armed with a pistol and an attitude that won't quit and always fashionably dressed!
Colonel Sinclair, Young Again
This mini depicts the younger officer who would become the inimitable General, the man in charge of both Special and Black Ops and thus the man that DeanoHassle and the others answer to. A no-nonsense Southern Officer who worked his way through the ranks the hard way. Seen here in field gear, as he was never shy about showing up on the ground during a mission. Not a man to be taken lightly!
And Finally...
Uhm... Heh, not much really. All January plans got bumped to February due mostly to my injury, Kev continues to pump out miniature goodness over on his page though.
In all seriousness, I'm gonna be putting in some one-armed overtime to catch things back up over the following week. With Salute now firmly on the horizon we can't really afford the kind of 'don't use your right arm' time normally associated with my injury so I shall have to rely on my Wolverine-like healing to compensate :)

We've just moved, I wanna do big things!

Oh yeah, talking of the move, if you're a FB follower of ours you will have noticed that there seems to be a certain request of me making the rounds :) No single person is to blame for this, not at all... But yes, I will get you guys some photos of the unit. They are long overdue and were basically put on hold when we stopped laying the office carpet halfway through as it was painful enough for me to be blurting out state secrets about my childhood.
My sooper seekrit plan, that we aren't allowed to tell Sal about (She nevers reads this far down in my rambly newsletters anyway ;) ) is to start by showing photographs of the empty unit and then a couple with it half set up and so on. Which will allow me some extra time to get stuff done. Genius! Keep it to yourself.

Right, that's it. Probably a couple weeks until the next newsletter too as we await new metal, so it's more important than ever you keep an eye on our FB for intermediate news.
'til next time.
One-Armed Arty.

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