Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sarissa Precision Newsletter

Some interesting releases amongst this lot. Thinking the factories might be useful for the Batman Miniatures Game perhaps?

Burnt Wood News.....




Factory Range 28mm

Coming very soon, our 28mm Factory Buildings range is suitable for using across a number of theatres and game systems.

The large centrepiece factory shown even has a internal crane option.
World War Europe 15mm

Our very popular World War Europe range is now available in 15mm scale, with all the same details and options as it big brother range. Most of the core building are available NOW and further options in the range will be made available over the coming weeks. Expect new additions to both ranges.
Far East 15mm

Our Far East range is now available in 15mm scale, with all the same details and options as it big brother range. Along with the 15mm World War Europe range, our current ranges will be made available in number of scales over the coming months.
March Attack Painting Guide Part 1
Gary @ March Attack will be doing a series of painting guides over the coming Newsletters, covering Assembling, Painting, Pimping, Converting and lots of other 'ing's with our kits. This first guide covers some basics on how he approaches the kits that you see lots of photos of around our site. There are many, many examples on March Attack's Facebookpage, so why not pop over there for some inspiration. As with a lot of projects the most important thing is a cup of tea and Gary covers that in the section.....................
MDF – Painting it? 
Where to start and the general idea…
For those of you who have met me at shows and asked the question, how do you paint it? You will already have an idea that it’s not that complicated.  For those who haven’t…  Step 1, put the kettle on, a tea bag in a cup and relax…
Start with the instructions and what effect you’re looking for.  Glue the parts together that can be painted together.   

Tip for roof joints – Super glue a 2mm plastic rod into joints, to replicate the leaded broom handle detail or ridge tiles.
Choose you base primer, if any.  You DON’T NEED TO SEAL OR PRIME IT, it just gives a base for your paint; the same as when painting 'minis’.  Multi Prime parts, thin coats on top of each other to let the base come through.  Use texture paints, the home spray paints are really useful, mask out details you want to keep.  It’s then a case of painting the way you want to, to get the finish you’re happy with.  I use a mix of all kinds of paints, artist acrylics, model paints, emulsion…
Painting in parts can be much easier.  You can hold the parts, and paint the inside faces more easily.
Use a dry brush…  we all know what that is.  No we don’t?  Normally before using paint, the brush is dipped in water to help the paint flow.  Dry brush means you don’t dip the brush in water.  Dip directly in to the paint, don’t over load it.  You can see by the state of my work bench, if you over load it just take the excess off.  Use a broad brush too. Lightly brush over the areas you're painting, leave corners and miss out crevices.  Don’t lay it on too thick and you’re sure not to lose detail.  As with 'minis' start dark to light. 
Tip for dark areas, reapply a dark base over the 1st colour before the top coats; it merges the layers. 

Paint the details. Window frames and doors. 
If its soaking up paint, the paint is too thin.  If you feel the need to seal or prime it, paint with light coats of a spray primer, light coats.

Don’t forget the edges.  Touch up as required.  Fill in joints if desired.
Once assembled, have a good look, you’re bound to have missed some details, especially edges.  If needed, use a small brush to work into the corners. This helps merge the separate assemblies into one uniform painted model. To add weathering, apply some colour washes around windows and door details, including the corners .  Add a little dry brushed highlighting to the edges.  

Tip, Always look at real buildings for how they weather.  
Add some flock grass into corners, and even on roof tops…  those damn pigeons.
"But that’s not enough info you cry"!  More in future newsletters.
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