Saturday, 17 January 2015

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Some more Dreadball news.....

And the fans go wild!
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Sports Fans - the DreadBall Governing Body media circus gets underway as we unveil February’s new signings forSeason 4!

Nemion Oceanics Sphyr Team

With their homeworld devastated, you might expect the Sphyr to be on the warpath. Certainly they have more than most races to be annoyed at the GCPS for after their world and their civilisation was destroyed. Instead of declaring war, they've taken to the DreadBall pitch, though it's possible that they think it's the same thing.
All four Season 4 teams and both MVP All-Stars pack contain match-ready miniatures – models that come pre-assembled ready to play straight away!

They stink, both metaphorically and literally, but that doesn't stop the Hobgoblins making the best of their admission to the big leagues. Now that they have found their way in, they are here to stay. Even if that way is through the side door.


DreadBall Season 4 kicks-off in January and introduces fans and achievements to the mix, as well as four new teams with which to lead the line.

If like us you don’t want to wait until February to get your Sphyr or Hobgoblins, sign up to the DreadBall Season Pass and get all four teams, both MVP All-Stars Packs, Fans, Cheerleaders and a free copy of DreadBall Season 4 delivered to your front door at the end of January!

Get a free copy of DreadBall Season 4 with the Season Pass, just £99.99 on the Mantic Website.

The transfer window is now open – get your new DreadBall team here!
DreadBall Xtreme is coming...

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All-Star Magic
Like And the fans go wild! on Facebook

There are just two days left before we remove the DreadBall MVP All-Star Packs from our Winter Extravaganza!
Each MVP is a specialist individual offers great skills and special rules to help shape your team and strategy.

If you want to add personality and mad skills to your team, make use of our crazy prices and get them before they go!

Offer ends midnight Sunday 18th January 2015.
Talk Wargaming Talks DreadBall

Hungry to learn how to paint DreadBall teams? Our friends over at Talk Wargaming have put together two great videos showing you exactly that!

Painting the Corporation Team
Click the images to view the video.

Painting the Maruader Team
Click the images to view the video.
Curis at Beasts of War
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Resident DreadBall Whizz Chris "Curis" Webb is following in the steps of the mighty Mr Jimmy M. Hewitt and has taken the long road to Ireland to film the return of DreadBall Academy!

Check out the Academy here!

Let us know on Facebook what you want to see most in our upcoming series on Beasts of War!

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