Friday, 9 January 2015

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Some Dreadball news...

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New Year, Fresh Blood

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2015! We hope you had a great Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Want to know what’s in store for Mantic this year? Ronnie spills the beans over on the blog whilst here we launch you into the year of DreadBall – let's play ball!

And the fans go wild!

New teams, new regulations and new staff. It can only be a new season of DreadBall! And this might just be the best one yet!

How do you exceed the spectacle of DreadBall Ultimate? That was the question that the DGB asked themselves ahead of the new season of DreadBall, and it turned out that there wasn’t any one answer, so they decided to include them all! New teams, new MVPs, new coaching staff and a whole new set of rules mean that this isn’t an update – it’s a whole new era for the greatest sporting spectacle in the galaxy! The message to every player in the league is clear – go big or go home. Ultimate was a warmup. This is the main event!

This brand new Season for DreadBall introduces:

- Expanded rules for Cheerleaders and Fans
- A new achievement system to push your players a step further
- A host of new abilities and MVPs to add to your games.
- Stats, rules and background for four new teams, including the The Incorporated Rebs Team and the Rotatek Rockslides Brokkr Team!:

Rebel Yell 

There may be a whole different bunch of species in the Rebel team, but they are all pulling in the same direction: against the GCPS! They use their newfound position within the leagues to advance their agenda and undermine the dastardly Council! Within certain reasonable limits, of course.

Brokkr Brokkr Brokkr 

Brokkrs play a more aggressive game than their dourer Forge Father kin, but they can still surprise an unwary opponent - especially with their unusually tough Strikers! They may look similar to the Forge Fathers, but these boys play a whole different game!

The Year of DreadBall kick-offs in January with Season 4. The newest expansion for the Futuristic Sports Game is accompanied by Brokkr and Rebs Team, Neodurium Knuckle Draggers MVP All-Stars and Fans and Cheerleader set, which are now available to pre-orderand will start shipping at the end of January.

The remaining Season 4 teams and MVPs will be available for pre-order soon, to ship in February. Check out the blog next week and beyond for more previews and an in-depth look at each of the new teams.

And then...

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