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Titan Games Newsletter

My FLGS now has a newsletter....I pre-warn you that there's infinity in it but you can skim past that part, lol.

Welcome to The Titan Post

Titan Games new monthly rundown of the latest releases

Welcome to our new newsletter. If all goes to plan* we'll be putting one of these out towards the end of every month just to give you a run down of recent releases in case you've missed anything.

Wow, and I thought January was going to be a quiet month. Obviously the big story of the month is that Knight Models are releasing a hard back rulebook for their Batman Miniature Game. The official release date is the 15 February but any pre-orders will come with a free Alfred Pennyworth figure, so it's definitely worth getting in early. Click the image below to be taken straight to our shop to reserve your copy. Don't miss out!!

Other than that we've had the usual monthly releases from Knight Models, a load of new stuff from Privateer press, some gorgeous new units from Corvus Belli for Infinity, a whole season of new teams and MVPs from Mantic and Pigs for Malifaux (apparently it's a Gremlin thing).

*When we say all go to plan we mean as long as we avoid nuclear apocalypse, alien invasion, asteroid collision or running out of milk for our tea.
Along with the rulebook announcement, this month also saw the release of four new miniatures to go with the Batman Miniature Game and Marvel ranges. You can now add TV version of Arrow, Red Hood, The Swamp Thing and Loki to your collections. Also you can now pick up Penguin Markers and Warning Signs for your Arkham City Boards. For more information on each of these simply click.

We are also holding our second Batman Miniature Game tournament in our Lichfield store on 21 March 2015, you can find details at the bottom of this newsletter. This is sure to be a popular event so book now or you may miss out.
Privateer Press have a couple of awesome looking new items for the Legion of Everblight this month in the forms of Zuriel and Blight Wasps, plus Trollblood players get the new Kriel Warriors unit and Farrow fans get the new Bone Grinders. Also to make sure no one feels left out this month they've released the Area Effect Markers for Hordes and Warmachine in 3", 4" and 5" sizes.
January was a particularly good month if you're the type of person who likes to do something different with their Malifaux figures. Wyrd Miniatures released their male and female multi-part plastic kits with each box containing enough parts to create eleven individual figures. Originally released to be used with their Through the Breach roleplay game, the box gives you a multitude of bits to add to or convert your favorite Malifaux figures. Also released this month were the Piglets and the War Pig box sets.
Ever since the release of the new rule book Infinity has become a lot more popular here at Titan Games, but when you see the miniatures that are available for the game it's not difficult to see why. This month they added the Rasail Boarding Team for the Tohaa, a HMG for the Combined Army Sogarat Tempest Regiment, a HMG for the Yu Jing Hac Tao Special Unit, a Boarding Shotgun for the Ariadna Kazak Spetsnaz and Pan Oceania get the new Squalo TAG.

Also as an extra bonus for Infinity players we can now get the Antenocitis Workshop Infinity range of scenery in store. Keep an eye out for these on our website, they will be added shortly.
Mantic released the Season Four expansion book for their ever popular Dreadball this month. The new season introduces five new teams and a bunch of great new MVPs, In the locker room this time round we have the Nemion Oceanics - a Sphyr team which would be more at home underwater, the Rotatek Rockslides - a Brokkr team from the less desirable side of Forge Father society, the Unincorporated - a Rebellion team trying to fight the corporations from the inside, the Rallion Roses - a Hobgoblin team that you probably won't want to get to close to and straight out of a tear in space and time the Red Planets - an undisciplined team of Martians.

Along with the teams we have two new MVPs box sets. The first one of these is the Fan Favourites set which contains Grak, Irsala and Schnörkel, and the second is the Neodurium Knuckle Draggers which contains The Excavator, Galdo, Asylim and Lyra the Fixer.

Plus on top of all that we have Beauties and the Mob, a new box set containing new three new Cheerleaders and four fan figures which are designed for the new pitch invasion rules.

Enough to keep any Dreadball fan happy for a long time.
We have a whole host of events planned for February across both our Lichfield and Stourbridge stores. Details for these can be found by clicking the images below but not all of our forthcoming events are listed here so it's always worth taking a look at the events page on our website for even more.
Don't forget you can find out more about whats going on at Titan Games simply by visiting us on Facebook or taking a look at our website.

Til next month
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