Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mongoose Publishing Newsletter

I'm not sure how interested you all are in such things but I am a fan of both their Paranoia RPG and their Judge Dredd game so here it is...

Mongoose Publishing

Global Mongoose - 16th January

The State of the Mongoose has arrived!

State of the Mongoose 2014

The State of the Mongoose, our yearly address covering what is going on behind the scenes at Mongoose Publishing is now live, and you can read the full text here.

Highlights in this year's address include...

* A new way of doing business for us.
* Victory at Sea 2.0 finally has a release date! Plus, new eras for Victory at Sea, including ACW and WWI.
* A new partnership with Victrix, spearheaded by Warriors of Antiquity, a new skirmish/campaign game set in the ancient world.
* A full 3D World War II dogfighting miniatures game!
* A new look for Traveller and an introductory book for the Third Imperium.
* A brand new edition of Paranoia!
* Forthcoming models and forces for Judge Dredd.
* More news on Mongoose computer games.

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