Wednesday, 24 June 2015

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There’s been so many cool things going on throughout June - here’s a roundup of five things you might have missed from Mantic.
1) Free Legendary Mortibris if you pre-order Dungeon Saga before 31st July
The fate of the world depends on whether you can stop Mortibris the Necromancer from discovering the secrets in the Book of Valandor.

We've created a limited edition figure that depicts Mortibris at the height of his power, and whether you order Dungeon Saga from our website or from your local retailer, you will get this exclusive miniature free if you pre-order before the 31st July. To find out more about the game check out our blog here or pop on over to the website and get your copy of the game here.
2) It’s Dungeon Saga Week 
Join us this week for more Dungeon Saga on the blog. Discover more about the Dungeon and the secrets that lay within the hallowed walls of Dolgarth, before adventuring forth and uncovering the ancient texts of the Adventurer’s Companion.
4) Get a Free Player Manual with DreadBall Xtreme in June
The 96-page DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual allows you to play any DreadBall team in Xtreme. It includes four new Sponsors and all of the rules for building your own custom DreadBall team from any DreadBall player on the roster.
It’s worth £9.99/€14.99/$24.99 and is totally free if you order Xtreme before the 1st July!
3) Exclusive Kings of War 2nd Edition Messenger Bag
Kings of War 2nd Edition is coming in August and, ahead of new Kings of War reveals next week, we’ve got an exclusive Kings of War Messenger Bag available with pre-orders of the new rulebook. But you’ll need to be quick, we’re only taking pre-orders for the bag until midnight BST Tuesday 30th June!
5) Last Chance for Free Shipping!
We’ve tried to hold them as long as possible but due to raising costs we’ve had to raise our rates. The UK rate will rise to £40 and the EU rate will rise to €50. The Rest of the World rate will stay at $75. The new rates will come into effect on the 1st July, so order now if you want to make use of the current rates.
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