Sunday, 28 June 2015

Wyrd Games August/September Releases...Hopefully...

Several of the game stores and online retailers have had some publicity bits and pieces thrown their way for some very interesting up and coming releases from Wyrd Games amongst which are a new Malifaux book, several releases for their Through the Breach RPG and a Two Player Starter Set...

Editors Note - I've shamefully stole these from a variety of sources but mainly 7th Heaven Games.

Malifaux M2E - Shifting Loyalties

Through the Breach - Into the Steam

Through the Breach - Northern Aggression

Malifaux M2E - Two Player Starter Set
The two player starter is a great way to get into the game! It's got two crews (Henchman-led) of completely new models, all of which are mercenaries for when you grow your collection. It has two Fate Decks, measuring tapes, and quick-start rules... including a link to download a digital copy of the rules manual!

A view at some of the cards from the Fate Decks...
...and the models...

Upgrade Packs
One of these is for the Shifting Loyalties book and the other contains a wide variety of General Upgrades.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome

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