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Greetings WizKids Fans!

UPCOMING CONS! WizKids at San Diego Comic Con 2015!

San Diego Comic Con starts on July 9, and the WizKids team will be there! Visit us at the NECA Booth # 3145, to see our upcoming release and purchase the 2015 Con Exclusives including:
  • Marvel HeroClix: Supreme Intelligence ($50)
  • Marvel HeroClix: Doctor Strange with d20 ($15)
  • DC Comics HeroClix: Brainiac Skull Ship ($70)
  • DC Comics HeroClix: Felix Faust with d20 ($15) 
If you’re in the area, come on by and check out the booth. 
UPCOMING CONS! WizKids at GenCon 2015!

WizKids is pleased to announce our presence at Gen Con 2015.  This year, we will be hosting events for HeroClix, Dice Masters, Star Trek: Attack Wing and D&D Attack Wing. Play in HeroClix Single and Team Battle Royales, Con Exclusive Rumbles and multiple scenarios. Dice Masters Rainbow Drafts and Attack Wing Quick Plays will be ongoing throughout the weekend. Join us in the tournament area for your chance to participate in the fun and win convention exclusive prizes.

Schedule of Events:
  • HeroClix Scenarios
    • Golden Age Brawl Scenario- Thursday at 10 AM
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! Life Points Scenario- Thursday at 4 PM
    • Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings Epic Scenario- Friday at 10 AM
    • Golden Age Avengers Theme Scenario- Friday at 4 PM
    • Bizarro Scenario- Saturday at 10 AM
    • Golden Age Escalation Scenario- Saturday at 4 PM
    • Joker’s Wild- Sunday at 10 AM
    • Golden Age Little Clix- Sunday at 10 AM
  • HeroClix Con Exclusive Rumbles
    • Thursday at 10 AM
    • Friday at 10 AM
    • Saturday at 10 AM
    • Sunday at 10 AM
For more information: 
THIS WEEK! Ultron Week on

This week on we will be featuring all Ultron, all week. Ultron Week has begun, every day a new figure will be revealed leading up to previews of Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Storyline OP Booster Brick 2. Watch Hank Pym’s creations develop starting with his first-born son, Ultron-1. Check the website every day to see which characters will be unveiled, or follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for daily updates.

See the previews here: 
WATCH LIVE! The Ultimate Dice Masters Showdown!

Watch live this Friday, June 26 at 3:00 p.m., as The Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel and Jason Levine take on the Dice Masters Game Designers, Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang, in the ultimate Dice Masters Showdown. This epic battle will take place at the 2015 Dice Tower Con. There will inevitably be some super intense game play, but in the end, who will come out victorious? Make sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime face-off!

You can watch it live here:
CHECK IT OUT! New D&D Attack Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing Previews Weekly!

Previews are now being posted for both D&D Attack Wing Wave 8, Adult Brass Dragon, and Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 16, U.S.S. Dauntless, on the new Attack Wing website.

See what's coming soon here:
UPCOMING EVENTS! D&D Attack Wing Elemental Evil Organized Play Events

Introducing OP Campaign Adventure #7: The Devastation Orb and OP Campaign Adventure #8: The Altar of the Elder Elemental Eye. In these two ALL NEW campaigns, your leadership skill will be put to the test. Command your legions against the dark forces at work to save Neverwinter in these Elemental Evil Organized Play events.

Visit the WizKids Event System to find stores hosting D&D Attack Wing Organized Play events near you.

For more details visit:
UPCOMING EVENTS! Star Trek: Attack Wing The Year of Hell Organized Play Event!

While in Zahl space, your fleet finds itself embroiled in a battle between the Zahl and the Krenim. A huge spatial distortion wave is heading for your ships and you find that it is impossible to avoid its path as the wave is destabilizing the ships’ warp fields. Will you be able to shield yourself and defeat your enemy? Or will you be a victim of the spatial distortion wave?

Find Star Trek: Attack Wing Year of Hell OP events in the WizKids Event System.

For more information visit:
COMING SOON! Mage Knight: Shades of Tezla!

WizKids is pleased to announce that the third expansion of the popular Mage Knight board game, Mage Knight: Shades of Tezla, will be coming to a store near you July 2015! This edition includes all-new enemies, mechanics, adventures... and even a new playable character! Braevalar the Druid joins Mage Knight's cast of playable characters, and he's ready to leave the woods and fight against the destruction wrought by two warring Avatars.

Read more here:

- The WizKids Team
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