Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sunday Round-up

A moderately productive week this time around.

My change of shift pattern didn't mess me up quite as badly as I thought it would and I managed to get unboxings done of the latest Malifaux crew release of Ironsides 'Troubleshooters' starter set and one of the Johan model. I also did a feature on the female alternative model of Johan (inventively called Johana) and all of those can be found in the 'Unboxing Malifaux' tab at the top of the blog.

I also wrote up the seventh session of our Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms RPG that finished off my turn as GM before tagging in Tom to do a mission of his own (He foresees it lasting three sessions but sometimes these things overrun as the players do stupid things you weren't expecting, lol). Then our original GM Andrew will probably take a turn. Our various sessions as well as the background material for the campaign can be found in this section of the blog here.

I've also been working on an un-boxing of a starter set for a new game called Macrocosm as well as finally getting around to assembling my Drop Zone Commander Scourge and features on both these projects should appear Monday and Tuesday of next week respectively.

I have however fell behind on several of the tabs such as the 'Newsletter' one but as this information can also be found in the blog sidebar that's not particularly important though I will get around to it before next Sunday.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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