Friday, 24 July 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

The people at Hasslefree Miniatures need some help...

Website Up but We Need Your Help
You may have noticed our website was down for a couple of days.

After the attacks we'd been receiving, mentioned in our last announcement, we decided to take it offline and upgrade our security measures. We've add an extra layer of anti-spam, upgraded our password reminder software and increased security across the website in general.
Unfortunately the attempted hacks have placed us on a phishing warn list, which is blocking our image folder, and just our image folder. Which is a massive pain in the behind!
If you are one of the unlucky ones who's broswer uses this particular phishing list and cannot see product images on our site then could you please do us a huge favour and perform the following steps...

1. If you see a warning anywhere when you visit the site, then click on it and follow whatever instrutcions there are to ignore it.

2. If you don't see a warning but can't see images, then go to any category, right click on the empty square of any product and select 'view image' (or your browsers particular version, such as open image in a new tab).
(Or you could also follow this link to one of the images on our site, and see if you get the warning - LINK - then follow the below instructions)

3. You should get a scary looking warning. This is the pain the behind. At the bottom right of the warning is 'ignore warning', please click that.

4. There may also be a bar at the top of the screen with something similar on such as 'this is not a phishing website'.

5. The last page will likely be a google report or something similar asking you to prove you aren't a robot and to write a comment, such as 'This websit is safe'. This actually isn't necessary to see the site as normal, but may speed up the warning being removed so we appreciate anyone who takes the extra moment :)

You will now be able to see all the images on our site as normal! What a bloody palaver.

Please note: We don't mind if you are worried for any reason and wish to wait until the warning is removed naturally. We have already submitted an official report to get on with that but it apparently takes time. We have no idea how much time, hence the repeated 'pain in the behind' mentions.

We can assure you, the website is completely safe, our database wasn't compromised, it was just our product images folder that was attacked, which is why that's the only thing flagged and you can see the rest of the site as normal. The hackbot just happened to pick a folder that is incredibly annoying for us!

(We have asked our web guys whether it's possible to simply rename our image folder and update all the links but it's likely that will be an even more gigantic pain in the behind)

Thanks :)

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