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Unboxing - Incursion from Grindhouse Games (Part 3)

We covered the basic contents of the Incursion core game in Part 1 and had a brief look at the models but they really deserve a more in depth set of pictures to fully appreciate them.

We looked at the US Lucky Seventh in Part lets look at the German SWD (Special Weapons Development). I've also included some background material for the models to give them a little context...

German SWD
The German department of Special Weapons Development or SWD is a shadowy organization composed of the most brilliant and twisted minds of the Third Reich. The department developed the V-4 compound which turned the tide for Germany as well as the host of new weapons which plague the allies today. The chief scientist for the V-4 development is Doctor Hugo von X. An intensely secretive and suspicious man, his real name is unknown even by his closest colleagues. Von X began work on Projekt Ubermann soon after the merits of zombies as weapons of war were recognized. It is von X that oversaw the development of Pinger technology to shape zombies from a blunt instrument dangerous to the wielder to a focused weapon. Projekt Ubermann began in 1947. By early 1948, the stunning results of his work below Gibraltar were apparent. Von X developed a new compound that elevates the combat potential of both V-gas victims and healthy human beings. The diabolical genius that is Hugo von X did not rest on his laurels but instead began work on yet another strain of the V-4 retrovirus and an unprecedented delivery system. It has been dubbed Vergeltungswaffe 5, the doomsday device, and it will win the war for the Axis. The twisted creations that compose the private army of Hugo von X must hold the line against the Allied Incursion long enough to deploy his magnum opus.

Gretal Von X
The core box also comes with a second alternate version of Gretal Von X in a different pose. I'm not sure whether this will be part of the standard box should this game ever get a retail release or if it was a Kickstarter exclusive...either way, here they both are...

Gretel von X and her twin sister Oberst Ilsa von X are the daughters of Hugo. Believing he had stumbled onto the fountain of youth, von X injected both of his children with an experimental serum derived from a stolen sample of the compound that the Cosmists developed to create the Siberian Supermen. Gretel was the lucky one. She retained her intellect and beauty and became inhumanly strong, fast, and tough. Gretel is the operations officer for the Gibraltar compound and Hugo’s right hand.

Ilsa Von X
Oberst Ilsa von X and her twin sister Gretel are the daughters of Hugo. Believing he had stumbled onto the fountain of youth, von X injected both girls with an experimental serum derived from a stolen sample of the compound that the Cosmists developed to create the Siberian Supermen. Ilsa became faster and stronger but her skin was marred by the chemical and her face became a mask of horror. Ilsa commands the defence of Gibraltar.

Hans the Hunter
Hans von X is the eldest of the von X children. Hugo’s early experiments on him went horribly wrong and a monster was created. Hans is at peace wandering the channel floor of the straits of Gibraltar, losing himself in the contemplative loneliness of the briny deep. He is melancholy and childishly sweet but prone to fits of blood rage and insensibility. He is at the vanguard of the bomberzombies as they make their attack runs on allied shipping and keeps a collection of frog-men skulls he has harpooned at Gibraltar’s undersea gates. In the tunnels, he hunts APE.

You get a single free-standing Blitzhund and two of the leaping ones.

From the elite ranks of the Jagerhunds, top specimens are culled for another of Hugo’s mad experiments. They are injected with the V-4 derivative and become killing machines without equal. Blitzhunds must be muzzled and chained and fed great hunks of bloody raw meat when not in action. When released into battle, they are able to sniff out the enemy like a trained hunting dog. In the claustrophobic corridors of Gibraltar, an armoured Blitzhund is the last thing the enemy wants to see and usually is.

Unlike the Japanese Empire, the Third Reich eschews the notion of suicide attacks. While unwilling to send the living sons of the Reich to their death in this manner, German High Command is not averse to kitting out Bomberzombies with a whole host of deadly explosives and biological agents for a similar purpose. At Gibraltar, Bomberzombies are fitted with naval mines and contact detonators. They are deployed to destroy Allied naval assets at anchor in the harbour. In the confined tunnels of the complex, these become weapons of mass destruction.

There are twelve different 'Sturmzombie' sculpts and you get five of each in the box.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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