Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday Round-Up

Been an interesting couple of weeks...

For the most part I've been messing around with the recently arrived Incursion Kickstarter from Grindhouse Games (and it's expansion) and have done a number of articles on them. They are listed in the 'Other Unboxings' tab at the top of the blog should you have missed them (amongst many others).

I've also wrote up the latest adventure from our Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign which was so epic it needed to be spread across two articles which (along with many other RPG features) can be located here. The next of our sessions should appear towards the end of the week once I've finished writing it be fair we only finished the session a few hours ago.

The blog may be a bit quiet next week as I've decided to get some actual hobby done rather than taking things out of boxes and photographing them...before putting them back in a box and doing nothing with them, lol. I'll still post any news of note of course...

It's also been another interesting week in the world of nerd related news with trailers for Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad and Deadpool amongst others appearing in various levels of watchability.

The Suicide Squad and the Deadpool one were terrible, terrible quality and will more than likely be took down eventually so any links I post will probably disappear at some point but here they are anyway...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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