Monday, 6 July 2015

River Horse Newsletter

Be interested to see how they do this...


Labyrinth Board game

So we have some exciting news... we have been working closely with the Jim Henson Company and are pleased to announce that we have secured the licence to make a board game based on the magical film Labyrinth!

While we can't say too much about the details yet, rest assured that the film is a firm favorite with the team at here at River Horse and we are more than a little excited to say the least.

Stay tuned for more information, pictures and insights as we journey through the fantastic world of Jim Henson's Labyrinth.

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We've just had the first production figure for the Future War T-1000 come into the studio.
The T-1000 is a massive force multiplier on the battlefield and if you are a Skynet player, is something that will be a very valuable asset in the attempt to eradicate the Resistance.
Join the discussion on the Facebook page.
We manged to get the talented Tommie from Golem Painting Studios to paint up our Guardian 1984 figure, we think he looks fantastic!
Figure is available to buy through Warlord Games here along with the newly released Sarah (1984) and John (Future War).
Waterloo - "Quelle Affaire!"
The funds have landed from the Kickstarter and we will now start to send out the surveys to all backers.
The last few pieces of art have been finished by Peter and we are in the final stages of playtesting.
We will soon start the layout of the tokens, cards and tweaking of the board while Alessio finalises the rules and cards based on feedback from our playtest group.
More pictures in the next newsletter, see more art over at the Facebook page.
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