Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Astra Militarum - New Imperial Guard (Updated...Again...and Again,,,)

Even more pictures relating to the new Imperial Guard Codex (name named Astra Militarum) have begun to emerge. Though the current crop of 'leaked' pictures appear to be split between the aforementioned Codex and an on-line only one referred to as Militarum Tempestus which appears to be a supplement covering what we would previously have referred to as Storm Troopers.

The pictures are admittedly a bit blurry and contain the obligatory 'badly taken picture of a white dwarf issue page' but beggars can't be chooses... There's some better ones doing the rounds...they're at the bottom. 'better' is somewhat subjective in this case though...

As official pictures emerge I'll insert them in to the appropriate sections...

There are some leaked rules pages as well...

Some White Dwarf pages...

The actual troop models are rather nice.

Though the troops are being fairly well received (they are nice and detailed with what looks like an acceptable variety of poses) but the thing causing the big split in opinions is the 'Taurox'...

From a purely personal point of view I think the tracks are too high and the style seems so different to existing vehicles that I think the difference will negatively effect the coherent look that (imo) gives the Imperial Guard much of their appeal.

Maybe the rules will help me want one...

I don't like the Ogryns much either if I'm being honest...

Though they seem to be a common gripe, any criticisms about Games Workshop forgetting about their own STC (Standard Template Construct) background concept are somewhat irrelevant as they've pretty much abandoned it in a number of areas anyway.

I do however think that there's been a worrying trend of them changing the style of models simply for the sake of it. Whether this is a good or bad thing I leave to others to discuss...I do however like this Hydra...but I liked that anyway...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. If I start a Ork Army I will make this my NOB ride :)

    1. I doubt that you'll be the only one, lol.

  2. Replies
    1. They don't have many fans that I'm aware of...

    2. I think that people generally have issues with change of any kind...maybe they'll grow on the doubters when they see the actual models.

    3. I agree that there's problems with the change of it, BUT. they've changed it too much, too quickly in my opinion, and all I can see in some places is pointless additions and changes were they don't need any. Personally not very confident as to the way GW is moving. we'll see i guess =/

      Just my 2 cents


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