Friday, 14 March 2014

Forge World Newsletter #392

More Mechanicum...

Forge World really seem to want my money this year...maybe if my lottery numbers come up tonight...

Forge World are also at pretty much every hobby event in the world if the amount of links at the bottom of this newsletter are anything to go by...

Myrmidon Secutors excel at the art of destruction and the embodiment of that power within their own vastly augmented bodies. To them war is a matter of cold logic and murderous equation, and they have at their disposal a deadly arsenal of ranged and close assault weaponry, including graviton guns and phased plasma-fusils. When used in combination with their energy-wreathed power axes, they are terrifying force for any foe to reckon with.
The Mechanicum Myrmidon Secutors set, designed by Mark Bedford, comprises three resin models and is available to pre-order now. These sets will be despatched from Monday 31st March
Full rules for these models can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Two: Massacre.

For all the latest news about which shows Forge World will be attending, check out our Events page.

Forge World Event Reservations

The best way of ensuring that you get what you want at an event that Forge World is attending is to place a reservation order. To find out how to make a reservation, click here.
There is still time to place reservation orders for some of the events listed above. Reservation cut-off dates are provided below.
Forge World Open Day: Midday (UK time) Friday 21st March.
Salute: Midday (UK time) Friday 4th April.
Horus Heresy Weekender: Midday (UK time) Friday 9th May.
London Comic Con: Midday (UK time) Wednesday 14th May.
UK Games Expo: Midday (UK time) Wednesday 21st May.


  1. I am trying so hard to resist the call of the Machine God but everything Forgeworld has been putting out for the Mechanicum has been qmazing.

    1. I'm attempting to avoid starting such a project myself as I know it's something that would end up costing me a fortune and taking up a ridiculous amount of my already limited spare time...

      ...they'll probably break me eventually though, lol.


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