Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mantic Newsletter - There's Still a Frenzy Over Frenzy

Not long left...

They've decided to close the 'Rampage' pledge at a certain number of pledges and open another which will ship separately at a later date. Though this is probably going to annoy the people who don't get there's till 'Wave 2' it should at least mean that there's a predictable time-frame for them.

As some-one whose list of pledged to Kickstarters now passed their due date is quite considerable I for one welcome the attempt at consistency and long as it works that is...

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Hey guys, the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter finishes this Sunday at midnight and we promise it won't be long until we get back to swords, shields and laser guns!

However, there were a few requests from potential backers enquiring about the Frenzy pledge we closed over the weekend. We actually sold out of Frenzy a good 10 hours before the midnight deadline, and it’s fair to say that a few people were disappointed they didn't get one…

So in true Mantic fashion we’re bringing it back!
Season 6 Koris Team

Just 35 of the new Limited Edition 2 Frenzy packages ($385) are left, where you get all of the stretch goals and a great selection of add-ons in a very simple one-click purchase!

If you want one, they’re there for the taking...

But that's not all...

We’ve passed 2,200 backers, which is an amazing achievement.

From experience, with so many pledges to deliver it’s around this mark that things start getting tricky. To this end we’ve put a limit on the $150 Rampage pledge and will close this first batch on Friday at midnight (GMT) - unless we sell out before then of course!

All of these $150 Rampage pledges will be dispatched as part of a first wave of shipping.

Once these are gone, a second batch of $150 Rampage pledges will be opened and they will go in a second wave of shipping, soon after the first. Unless otherwise stated all other pledges will go in the first wave of shipping.

If you want to be in that first batch of shipping then please get your pledge in before midnight Friday!

Add-on Wednesday!!

We return to Kings of War next week with the Hellfire and Stone book but until then, we’ve added a great new selection of add-ons to the Xtreme Kickstarter includingDeadzone Acrylic Doors and Windows, Xtreme Dice Bag and Xtreme Playbook app...
We are now less than 50 backers away from unlocking the Kickstarter Exclusive Cheerleader Rush Counter, which is included free in pledges of Rage and up!

Remember that with the $1 Disorder pledge level you have complete access to the add-ons and can pledge for whatever you like :)

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