Friday, 14 March 2014

Mantic Newsletter - Last Chance For Xtreme

Just one weekend left...

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This weekend the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter is preparing itself for one last weekend of massive uncontrollable frenzy action - before heading off into the sunset forever. And it would not be a Mantic Kickstarter if we didn’t plan to make it the most Xtreme ever!

As always the funds we raise go directly into making the games we produce bigger and better than they otherwise would be. The support we receive from backers – be they seasoned veterans of our campaigns, or new backers who have never before tried a miniatures game – makes a huge difference to the final range, and every bit really does help.

This weekend will be the last chance to back the project, it ends Sunday evening so you’ll need to act quick to get on board. As always for those that back a Kickstarter there is a pretty sweet deal in it for you too – after all it is your money that makes the whole range happen ;)

Just check out what you can get:
Frenzy is our get it all pledge - there are only a very limited number
of these pledge levels available.

To keep things really interesting right down to the wire, in addition to all of our usual stretch goals we are guaranteeing Team 11 and 12, and will be unlocking one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The first team are the Tsudochan! You can pop on over to the blog now to get a full write up on them. For anyone at Rampage they will be available as your choice of bonus Season 6 team – and Frenzy, of course, gets a full maxed team of 16!

On Sunday we unlock the Ada-Lorena. In my opinion these guys are fantastic – we’ve not shown them off on the Kickstarter page yet, but here’s a preview:
The Ada-Lorena are beings made of pure energy that can phase in and out of reality...

These figures will be available on Sunday and exactly the same conditions as above apply – they are available to add on for everybody, they can be the free add-on team in Rampage and added and maxed in Frenzy.

But there’s oh so much more! Check out the Kickstarter update to learn how you can win a Dave Neild painted figure and to find out what happens if we beat the DreadBall totals...

So, next week normal service is resumed (with Dwarfs for Kings of War marching onto the horizon!!) and the big Kickstarters are then out of the way for a good few months – we promise to stop filling up your inbox with newsletters!

We really hope you’ll join us for the last weekend extravaganza – whether that is picking up a massive frenzy pledge – or getting a figure sculpted to your own specifications, or just picking up a $1 pledge and grabbing a few add-ons we really hope to have you aboard and help us fund what is already going to be a fantastic launch later this year – and it is only going one way from here.

Thanks for reading and your support of Mantic.

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