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Unboxing Warzone Resurrection - Capitol

With six (soon to be seven) awesome factions that each has their own unique character it's difficult to decide which Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection force is the one for you.

I'm therefore going to do an unboxing (technically an 'unbagging' until they get packaging) on each of those aforementioned factions in order to enable you to come to a (relatively) informed decision. We'll look at the stat, strategy, tactical and gear cards as well as looking at the models in both their unassembled and assembled forms. If there should be any minor assembly issues encountered along the way then we'll cover those as well...

I'm sure you've all seen pictures of things in a bag so we'll skip that bit...

The Capitol 'Starter Set' contains enough parts to make one Big Bob Watts, ten Light Infantry and a pair of Purple Sharks in various configurations. All Starter sets give you a legal army of one Warlord and two units of five 'troops' as well as additionally giving you some kind of Support unit or Light Vehicle as well.

First we'll show you what you get in 'army list' form as well as the minimum and maximum potential unit values that you can make from your starter set. Obviously some units can be increased in size at a later point and their maximum value will increase accordingly.

Warlord (Ranged)- Big Bob Watts (240 Min) (270 Max)
No upgrade options though the compulsory Tactical Training Advantage selection is based on the Warlord 'type' in this case 'Ranged' and you must take one which is added to the Warlords cost. The cheapest available to a Ranged warlord is 10 points, the most expensive is 40 points.
Troops - Light Infantry x5 (55 Min) (110 Max)
This unit has two upgrade options adding 55 points to this units total cost if you were to take both.
Troops - Light Infantry x5 (55 Min) (110 Max)
This unit has two upgrade options adding 55 points to this units total cost if you were to take both.
Light Vehicle - Purple Shark Squad (2 Models) (200 Max)
I haven't listed a minimum as I doubt you'll buy this starter set and not use them, lol.

This gives us a points range of 350 points (Minimum OOC of Warlord and two troops) up to 690 for this starter set though your actual figure will most likely be somewhere in the middle.

Onto the actual bits and pieces then...

We'll look at both sides of the parts 'as they come' without any clean-up in order to give you a complete picture of what you get and what work they need.

Big Bob Watts.

Light Infantry.
You get two lots of the pictured parts...

Purple Shark.

We also get a number of resource cards which vary in appearance from faction to faction... well as stat cards for the units in the starter set and a number of 'Strategy', 'Tactical' and 'Gear' cards for use with the advanced rules. Some of these cards are only available with certain models but this is helpfully labelled on each card. Where there are multiple quantities of each card I'll just show one of each type.

Stat Cards.

Tactical, Strategy and Gear cards.
There are often more than one of each card and sometimes as many as three or four but showing the same cards multiple times seemed a bit redundant.

Big Bob Watts.
 Light Infantry.
Purple Shark.



I suppose we should look at them assembled as well. 

The models come with appropriate bases but unfortunately they have slots in them but this can be easily rectified. Personally I fill them with hobby store matchsticks then base over them though there's any number of other methods. I haven't based these yet.....

Big Bob Watts.

Light Infantry.
These come with a number of different arm types giving three distinct looks.

Purple Shark.

A Group Shot.

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Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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