Sunday, 16 March 2014

Product Review - T & L Terrain.

Terrain is an important part of any hobbyists requirements. Whether it's for your gaming table, a diorama or as an addition to a models base we pretty much all need some...and if we can get it at a reasonable price then all the better...

T and L Terrain are a company that produces a variety of resin terrain items suitable for a wide number of game systems and I was fortunate enough to get some samples of their products for review purposes...

As some-one who has experienced resin in many forms from many companies I have my own priorities for rating a product. I'll list them in turn and we'll see how the products in question perform.

1 - Ease of Clean-up.

Though detail is an important consideration it matters little if you can't get to it under a tonne of unnecessary resin lumps (Forge World are especially guilty of this though they are by no means alone). I'm happy to say that the 'Blast Door', 'Barrels' and 'Pallets' all had the absolute minimum of overspill and were amongst the easiest clean-up jobs I've had in recent times. Even the relatively large lump on the barrels was easily clipped off and filed flat with minimal effort.

2 - Detail.

As far as detail goes the parts had enough for what they are going to be used for and the detail on both the barrels and blast door was more than crisp enough. They also held an undercoat of paint without any of the pre-washing that is often essential with resin products (you can still do this if you wish...I'm just quite lazy...).

3 - Cost.
A set of fuel drums and pallets (12 Fuel Drums and 3 Pallets) is £4 and the Bunker/Blast Door retails for £3 which is (imo) more than reasonable for what you get. Undoubtedly the fact that they make all their own masters and do their own casting helps with these reasonable costs as well as apparently maintaining their overall quality control as there were no issues with the parts I received at all.

If you have the need for reasonably priced accessories for any industrial, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic or similar projects then it's more than worth giving them a try...they also do commission jobs ;-)

Via E-Mail - or you could drop them a message on their Facebook Page which also features many of their own design projects...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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