Monday, 17 March 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Hopefully I'll be able to have a chat with them at Salute...

Hasslefree at Salute 2014!
Right, Salute is around the corner, so the time has come for the panic to set in and for me to run around like the proverbial headless chicken while Jenn and Sal calmly get on with things pausing occassionally to roll their eyes at me or judge me with a glance that clearly implies 'Men!'.
This year Sal will be back in attendance at the show, and leading the HF stand, as well as some of our regular helpers and a couple of new faces.  Kev will be travelling the US (more details on that next week) so he will miss Salute and he is 'very' sad about it ...
I'll be splitting my time between the HF stand and the Artemis Black's stand (more on that next week too) where you can also find Jenn so, after buying your HF goodie of course, feel free to stop by and say allo.
Ok, on with the info!
Where to Find Us
Yet another top notch professional photoshop job there *strut*
Ok, if you don't know where we are then I can only assume this is your first Salute as we're always in the same place! :D
It's nice and simple, walk through the main entrance, turn left and da daa! If you get distracted and wander off down an aisle then we're in the top corner of aisle A, we have some nice big signs so it shouldn't be too difficult :)
Pre-Order Code!
As always Salute is a crazy show, incredibly busy (6k people +), and lots of things to catch your eye or distract you into turning down an aisle etc. This inevitably leads to some customers turning up at 2pm and being disappointed when we've run out of something.
This year we also have the issue of Resin Masters. We will 'not' have a huge stock of these at the show and pretty much the only way to guarantee picking one up at Salute is to pre-order it.
As a lil thank you for making our life a little easier on such a busy day the code will allow you to pick a nice freebie. On top of that freebie orders in multiples of £50 (So £50, £100, £150 etc) will get increasing numbers of extra lil freebies included in their pre-packed order. We 'really' like it when we save large amounts of time :)
What New Stuff Will We Have?
Well this is a bit of a difficult one. A 'lot' of moulds have gone off to the caster as Kev will be gone for the entire month of April so we've backed up some releases. This means that we're not sure what will make it back to use in time for the big day. Follow our Facebook Page for updates on that.
If you've already been following you'll know some as they've shown up as reisn master already - Lord Ulthrak, Major Stephanie, Captain Isseki, The Dread Pirate K'lok, Powered Armour Kieran.

We've also sent off the first 3 Power Armour Sci-Fi Troopers, if these come back they will 'only' be available on the day as we won't be launching them via the site until Kev has finished the last 2 of the metal squad.
And last, but certainly not least, we have a few more Tre Manor sculpts to add to our Northern-themed fantasy collection.
Newsletters as normal until we go so we'll keep everyone updated as soon as we know things :)
'til next time.

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