Friday, 6 June 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Not much time left to grab yourself something at sale prices.....

The 2014 Hasslefree Spring Clean Sale
Hey everyone.
Please excuse the 'two newsletters in a week' faux pas, we normally keep them more spaced out but this is a special occasion :)

Just giving people a quick reminder that there's now 48hr (ish) clock on our Spring Clean sale, the code actually expires early Monday to give those of you in foreign climes a fair crack of the whip Sunday night..
As you can hopefully see via the graphic above, the sale was extended due to a website issue (ddos attack), until Sunday the 8th June
Enter the code above - 2014SPRINGCLEAN - into the code box on the last page of the order process before paying and get a mighty 20% off!
On top of that should your order still come to over £100 (after the discount has been applied) we will also include one of the much sought after HF goodie bags. In fact the larger your order, the larger the bag. Now might be a good time to convince your friends they really need some HF minis and to go in for one big order ;).
Backup Code(s)
Some people have experienced an issue after cancelling their order (normally to try and add items etc) or having a problem at the payment stage like a timeout and then when they try to remake the order the code is showing as used.
With this in mid we have created a backup code - 2014SPRINGCLEAN2 - nice and simple :)
It also allows anyone who has used the code to make a second order in the sale, we have no problem with that etc.
Also if anyone sees anything as out of stock it may be worth letting us know via our FB page. We have an order in at the casters for restocks and we're allowing people to pre-order during the sale period as long as they don't mind the delay,.
In addition to the above we've now added a third code, 2014SPRINGCLEAN3. Some of you out there can't seem to get enough! :)
Teaser Shot
As part of Kev's May Challenge he finished up a post apocalyptic non-cheesecake, female survivor with a bow, discussion is over HERE.
She'll be available as a resin master next week and as metals, hopefully, at the end of the month or early July.
More teasers via our FB page over the next few days (Starting with a sneak peek of Joker shortly after this announcement)!
And Finally...
We'll have more teaser shots of Kev's Challenge minis in Sunday's regular newseltter and they'll go on sale the following week as resin masters.
We'll start to keep you updated with regards our premises move and future plans via our FB page and here in the newsletters.
That's it, not much time for news as you've kept us busy with packing all of your sale orders! :)
'til next time,

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