Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sunday Round-Up

Been a busy week this week filled with the kind of real life stuff that though important to me doesn't make for very interesting blog posts...well most of the week...

This weekend was spent at the UK Games Expo helping out the guys from Titan Games in the form of demo's, chatting about Prodos Games, Mantic Games and Wyrd Games various products and randomly ambushing passers by and convincing them to buy things they didn't previously realise they they wanted just so I have more people to play games with, lol.

During the week though, I finally got around to doing those older metal starter sets and blister unboxings I've been promising for a while. This had the dual purpose of actually getting me to start assembling my massive pile of untouched Malifaux stuff and giving me some idea of what I actually have, lol. It also gave you lot something to look at as I knew that I wouldn't really have enough time or motivation this week to write anything that could be considered an 'article'.....

The unboxing page can be found here.

I'll continue to post a couple of them a day and any newsletters that appear over the next week or so but I promise there will be some more interesting bits and pieces appearing the week after should Malifaux not be your thing.

I've also acquired a couple of the newly reconfigured Warzone Resurrection Starter Sets (Brotherhood and Cybertronic) that we'll be having a look at towards the weekend some time and I have some new bits and pieces to add to the Mantic Encyclopaedia C.o.S.I.S. around the same time.

The inexplicably popular 'Crew a Week' project has had to have a bit of a break due to the lack of certain models I want to 'complete' some crews and a general lack of certain materials but it will return as soon as I've sourced what I need. Wyrd Games delay on certain up and coming models has thrown me off track a little as well.

Though for the curious amongst you here's a couple of clues about what my next two Malifaux crews are going to be...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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