Saturday, 14 June 2014

Wyrd Chronicles #12 and Some New Malifaux Artwork

The 12th edition of Wyrd Games's 'Wyrd Chronicles' free downloadable magazine is absolutely chock full of great stuff...

In this issue
  • Manipulating Fate: Getting the most out of your Fate Deck
  • Broken Creatures: A short story
  • Love for the Underloved: Some thoughts on those less discussed models in Wave 2
  • Dipping your Toe into the Water: Guild vs Gremlin Battle Report
  • The Madness at Stranglehold: A new Malifaux Scenario
  • Wicked Dolls: A short story
  • It’s all in the Reflexes: Mako paints Burt Jebson
  • Gallery: Some of your submissions
Posted Image

The download link can be found here or by clicking on the above picture. For the impatient amongst you I've extracted some of the highlights of the artwork for you that can be found below.....

A picture of what is probably the Wave 2 Book and notice that the 'Through the Breach' RPG is coming soon...hopefully...

A new Fate Deck?

 ...and some various bits and pieces of artwork that you may or may not have seen before...

A Gunsmith or possibly a Pistolero De Latiga, a Bayou Gremlin, Iggy, A lady doctor who looks suspiciously like a female McMourning, a Showgirl, a Stuffed Piglet, Zoraidas Voodoo Doll (or possibly a Wicked Doll) and could that be a Fire Gamin?...

There's also this right at the end...Insidious Madness perhaps?

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. I think what you refer to as a Voodoo Doll is actually a Wicked Doll, based on its placement in the Chronicles (and its striking similarity to a certain metal Wicked Doll). Just pointing that possibility out lol


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