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Some more news from the guys at Mantic Games...

DreadBall - The Futuristic Sports Game is out of stock!
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Back in the early days when we funded DreadBall on Kickstarter, only half of the first print run went to backers, and the rest went to our retailers. Since then we’ve reprinted the game three further times, as well as introduced the Kick-off variant.
The Futuristic Sports Game

Well, now the fourth print run of DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game has been and gone, closely followed by DreadBall Ultimate and some of the other bits in the range.

But never fear – the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport will be returning this summer.

To celebrate the fifth print run of this iconic game we are creating an all-new Limited Edition Azure Forest DreadBall game set with an incredible Special EditionAzure Forest Gaming Pitch, and:

- A'teo "The Savage" Adyssi MVP
- Azure Forest Rulebook: which includes expansion rules for your DreadBall games and League Rules
- Azure Forest Gaming Cards
- 10 Corporation Players
- 10 Marauder Players
- RefBot
- Balls
- Clear Hex Bases
- Season 1 Rulebook
- Roster Pad
- 18 coloured dice
- 54 Gaming Cards
- Special Edition Box with foil cover.
The new limited edition set begins shipping in July.

More imagery will be coming next week but we just wanted to give you the heads-up first as this set isONLY available in STRICTLY limited quantities - once they're gone they're gone. Pre-order now on the Mantic Games Website and we will also include two FREE random MVPs in your order!

The Azure Forest Limited Board is based on this great design from FF Fields and Rob Taylor, though will vary with some additional details.
Finally look out for our Azure PrimalBall VIII Mega Bundle, which includes:
Limited Edition DreadBall: Azure Forest game set
DreadBall Ultimate: Season 3 rulebook, rubber multiplayer mat, 4 DreadBall Giants, and all the cards and counters you need to play
- A FREE copy of the Season 2 Rulebook
- A FREE Dozer Giant MVP as well!!

Rob's Azure Forest Board in action at the DreadBall National Finals - image courtesy of

A sixth print of DreadBall will be coming later this year, back to the standard specification without all of the special edition goodness. The only difference will be that we’ll take the “Deluxe” off the front of the box, because we know that seemed to confuse a few people.
Free Terrain for all!
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Our 50 lucky winners from the newsletter have been drawn and we’ll be getting in touch later next week to collect address details.

Don’t forget that all orders of £15, €17.50 and $25 or more until the 30th June will also get a Battlezones Accessory Sprue included FREE in their order!!

Both the new Ruined Battlezones and the new Limited Edition DreadBall sets are eligible for these free sprues, so get and pre-order yours now!
Missed the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter?
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Earlier this year we ran a Kickstarter for DreadBall Xtreme – a new version of the futuristic sports game that takes it underground into the realms of seedy sponsors.

The Kickstarter spawned 3 new DreadBall Season books, 12 new teams, 3 new giants and a smorgasbord of new MVPs. We know some of you missed the Xtreme Kickstarter when it was live, perhaps the end date was before payday or you wanted to pledge by PayPal.

Well, next week we’re opening the PledgeManager to new backers – that is, even if you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter was live, you can sign-up to the PledgeManager and get access to some of the great reward levels and offers that were available! The PledgeManager itself will close on the 31st July, and you can use either Credit Card OR PayPal, so you’ve got plenty of time to sign-up.

Your funds will go against stretch goals as well, meaning that the more people that join in, the higher the pledge total gets, the more free stuff we’ll throw in.
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Come and see us - our show calendar has now been updated!

14th June: Clash of Kings, Sutton-in-ashfield
14th June: DreadBall Tournament, Dark Sphere, London 
14th June: King of Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia
28th June: Conclave, Limerick, Ireland 
28th June: Wartorn, Scarborough
28th June: Clash of Kings, Brighton 
13th July: Stoke Challenge, Stoke-on-trent, UK
19th July: The Capital Carnage Cup, Dark Sphere, London 
26th July: Clash of Kings, Doncaster
27th July: Clash of Kings, Total Wargamer, Evesham 
2nd August: Claymore, Edinburgh
14th August: Gencon, Indianapolis
Our mailing address is:
Mantic Games, Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG England.
Copyright (C) 2012 Mantic Entertainment Ltd All rights reserved.

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