Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Wednesday Gallery

As it's halfway through the week and I'm still yet to start a Malifaux (or any other system for that matter) painting project for the week then I haven't any particular strong themes in mind for the gallery either...So as we've done Gothic for the last few times I thought we'd best let Steampunk have a turn.

There's a kind of theme...but it's admittedly a bit vague as apparently some of the pictures in my 'Steampunk Engineer' folder are very close to the ones in all my other Steampunk folders, lol....actually now I've looked at the gallery properly, it is more themed than I expected...result!!!

As usual if you have no interest in Steampunk, Girls or the two combined then don't scroll down...there's plenty of other stuff to look at in the sidebar or tabs at the top of the blog after all.






Off we go.....

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