Friday, 20 June 2014

Mantic Games Newsletter - What's Coming Next?

Some general 'What's Up' news from Mantic Games...

What coming next?
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We’ve been on a whistle-stop tour of 2014 so far and we’re now halfway through the year – and what a year it has been!

Deadzone, DreadBall, Azure Forest and the Battlezones scenery have all been released, and we’ve run the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter to continue adding support to the game.
The ruins are released at the end of June...

But we’re not done with 2014 just yet, as Ronnie explains in his latest blog post, with new factions and vehicles(!) for Deadzone and the release of Mars Attacks just around the corner!

You would not be-leaf it...

Last week saw the exciting arrival of the Limited Edition DreadBall: Azure Forest set – just 750 of which will ever be made. As Ronnie explains in his blog, we’re bundling in the last of our original GTS: Azure Forest stock in with a reprint of DreadBall.

This week we’ve made the Special Edition Azure Forest board available for individual sale, so if you’ve already got a copy of DreadBall you can get the new pitch as well. They are available in strictly limited quantities – we’ve overprinted a very small number on top of the boards we’re making for the new Boxed Game – and are limited to one print run only.

So grab one whilst you can!
What's coming next?
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We’re on the verge of opening the PledgeManager for new backers to get a slice of the Xtreme pie but it wasn’t quite ready enough to open up before this newsletter hit, so we’ll be bringing you a special dedicated newsletter about it early doors next week.
Back to Basics
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Ronnie couldn’t wait to get you allstarted on playing Deadzone, so much so he’s recorded this video to show you how to get started.

We’re popping over to Beasts of War in the next week or so to record some great looking videos, so apologies this one is a little rough and ready. We're going to be coming out with quickstarter guides and all sorts of new shiny stuff, so grab your laser rifle and prepare to enter the Battlezone!
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Come and see us - our show calendar has now been updated!

28th June: Conclave, Limerick, Ireland 
28th June: Wartorn, Scarborough
28th June: Clash of Kings, Brighton 
13th July: Stoke Challenge, Stoke-on-trent, UK
19th July: The Capital Carnage Cup, Dark Sphere, London 
26th July: Clash of Kings, Doncaster
27th July: Clash of Kings, Total Wargamer, Evesham 
2nd August: Claymore, Edinburgh
14th August: Gencon, Indianapolis
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