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Mantic Games Newsletter - Countdown to the Invasion Has Begun!‏

The Martians are coming...

The Invasion Begins in
just 10 days!
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Mars Attacks starts shipping on the 29th September, meaning there is just over one week to reap the benefits of getting your very own Attack on Greenville!

It contains all you need to play Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game in a simple one-click package, including an upgraded durable deluxe gaming mat, as well as bonus scenery to provide extra cover for your troops.

There is also Attack from Space – a set of miniatures based on the characters from the IDW Mars Attacks comic series, which includes the notorious General Zar and 3 brand new scenarios for you to play!

Finally, Civilian Slaughter allows you to replace the Flaming Cow herd and civilian card counters with characterful plastic equivalents, whilst also including dead figures to er, decorate your board with ;)
Check out all of the videos on the website and grab your copy of Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game. This special deal is only available during the pre-order period for the game – don’t miss it!!

Earth's plight starts in September

Mantic tournaments are all about having fun. Whether you’re a hardcore tournament gamer or just want to spend the weekend at Mantic HQ and have a laugh with the crew (and maybe see some of the sneak peaks lying around!) then Clash of Kings is for you!

You don’t even need to build an army especially for it. The event is open to anyone with a fantasy army – no matter the manufacturer!

Only the bravest will take to the field of battle in this 2-day event.

Clash of Kings will be held at the Mantic HQ in Nottingham on the 11th and 12th of October.

There are plenty of prizes on offer and strictly limited places are available - so get your ticket before they’re gone! It includes entry to the tournament and lunch on both days.

And don’t forget – all of the basic rules and army lists for Kings of War are available to download from our website for free!
The Glitz, The Glamour.
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Find out more next week!
Open House - and your invited!
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It’s back! The November Open Dayhas a date, it has a location and it has lots of games!

Tickets are now available for the Mantic Open Day, held at our HQ here in Nottingham on the 29th November. Check them out!

We’ve got the DreadHeads tournament (Limited tickets now available!), our famous seminars with Ronnie – there are even games of DreadBall Xtreme!

For some truly mad deals, great learn-to-play events and sneak peaks of all the latest goodies from the studio – get yourself over to Mantic Tower in November.

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There are some truly epic things being done with the Battlezones scenery – and we want to give youeven more bang for your buck!

We’re giving away a free Accessory sprue with every Battlezones District and THREE freeAccessories with every Sector until the 31st October!

This means you can accessorise your battlefield like never before – use them on the tiles to add ladders, railings and lamp posts, or scatter the crates and barrels around the tabletop to create cover for your troops. Get yours now!
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Come and see us - our show calendar has now been updated!

20th September: Fayre Times Festival II, Essex
20th September: Dragondaze, Newport
27th September: Conquest, Hove
27th September: LOKA Tournament, Shirebrook
3rd October: Legendary Game Faire II, SpringfieldOhio
4th October: Derby World Wargames 2014
4th October: Nottingham Comic Con, Nottingham
11th October: Clash of Kings Tournament Final 2014, Nottingham
16th October: Spiel, Essen
26th October: Boston Wargames Club Open Day, Boston
26th October: Fiasco, Leeds
Our mailing address is:
Mantic Games, Greasley Street, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8NG England.
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