Thursday, 25 September 2014

Painting Malifaux - The Effigies

My better half has decided that the only way many of my models are ever going to get painted is if she does them herself...she may have a point...

First on the list of items she decided to take off my hands were the old metal effigies that for the most part only ever got used with my 1.5 Collodi crew and so were subsequently going to be painted in a compatible paint scheme. My Collodi crew were painted in somewhat subdued colours to represent the fact that they were once brightly coloured and had faded over time.

Onto the models then...

I'm sure she'd value your thoughts and comments.

1 comment:

  1. I love the pops of color in these. Don't hold back. Keep going! My favorite ones are the ones which experiment in color coverage more.

    There is some great little OSL (so subtle) in the bottom one as well. But more color :). The reason I mention this, is when you do use color, it pops, draws the eye, and is nicely highlighted and presented. On the models with less color, they tend to blend into the bases a bit.


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