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Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some new releases from Hasslefree Miniatures...

What a Palaver!
You guys trounced our big October promotion. Like rode it into the dirt! On the one hand, yay you guys! :) We appreciate the support immensely but on the other hand we came back from our US road trip to the biggest mess ever :D
Jenn likes to mock me for using this first section of newsletters like therapy and just whinging about everything that's gone wrong since the last one. And to be fair, she's not wrong :)  I figure I get it off my chest and you guys either get to laugh at my misfortune or feel better that things ain't just going wrong for you ;) So...

Some confusion with our casting lists and the casters being backed up due to the time of year led to a few codes being problems upon our return. We also overloaded our poor village Post Office again, it happens sometimes when we have a big promotion and this was our biggest yet. You should see the face on the young lady who works there when we wander in after a couple of weeks away and just dump a bunch of huge full mailbags on her :) And finally our car broke down.

Right, now all that's out of the way, let's get on with the shiny!
Foxtrot, Post Apoc Options Galore
'Foxtrot' is a post-apocalyptic wanderer of the badlands.  She comes complete with choice of weapons (an automatic or a rifle), choice of heads (buzzcut or gasmask/crazy hair/wig) and choice of left arm (regular or mechanised).
Also available as a special multi-pack with the sprue of options but an extra body so you get to use them all!
Oscar, Post Apoc Options.. slightly less Galore?
'Oscar' is another wanderer of the Badlands.  Regularly seen with 'Foxtrot', their real names are unknown and their nicknames hearken back to a pre-apocalypse dialect.
He comes complete with a choice of right (M4 or monkey wrench) and left (satchel or empty fist) hands.
Also available in a similar multi-pack to Foxtrot with two bodies and the sprue of options.
Lewis, Badlands Axe-Man
Lewis  is another of our Badlands wanderers (There's a theme this release). Armed with a frankly ridiculous home-made axe, he is know for telling (possibly tall) tales of slaying great mutated beasts.
Dakota, Shotgun Wielding Survivor
Dakota is the haunted, but resilient, lone survivor of a number of Zombocalypse survivor groups. Recently crossing paths with the group containing Clint & Beth she made the tough decision to travel with them a little way despite prior happenings. Armed with a shotgun, twin holstered pistols and various other weaponry hidden around her body and overcoat.
Painted example by Stone Cold Lead
Joanne, Mohawked Survivor
Joanne 'Jo Jo' Kimber survived the Zombocalypse almost entirely by following one simple rule - 'Everything dies if you hit it hard enough'. Not to be confused with her fellow britpunk 'Joe', also a fan of the 'baseball bat to the noggin' approach.
This figure came about as an off the cuff challenge Kev started on his FB artist's page to genderswap two of our existing figures, this being the female version of Joe.
Kev later decided she looked a little too serious so there's a grinning variant that will represent her older cockier self (Down below somewhere in resin).
Resin Master - Sister Morrigan
Morrigan is a Battle Sister of the Ordinem Sanctae Malleo. Unflinching and unforgiving, she wields her two-handed maul with deadly precision and the strength of the Faithful. Seen here in full battle armour and the shorn head indicative of the elders of the Order.
Resin Master - Ace
Ace is the bad boy of the Modern Troopers. Equipped with a modified M134 minigun and wearing an Australian style boonie hat and hard-plated vest he brings the pain wherever he's needed.
Resin Master - Iona Starkiller
An outcast from her people, Iona is both a powerful psychic and accomplished hand to hand fighter. She comes with a choice of an electro-sword or electro-spear an is seen here in the middle of harnessing her psionic abilities.
Kev has purposefully sculpted her so you could, if you wished, use her as a fantasy elf with a particularly fancy set of weapons or armour :)
Resin Master - Sgt. Smallwood
Sgt. Smallwood comes outfitted in the 'Lobo class' powered armour and helmet. He is armed with the standard KW30DU/F  'Heavy Shard' Support Weapon , capable of firing both 10mm depleted uranium and flechette sabot rounds. While the drum mag, that Sgt. Smallwood prefers, allows sustained fire it can also be swapped out for a thermal injection unit that transforms the dep u rounds into a pseudo incendiary delivery system.
Resin Master - Molly
Molly always wanted to go out trick or treating as her favourite Superhero. This year she gets her wish :)
At only 20mm tall you might need to buy a smaller brush to get her painted :) Also useable as a fantasy figure if you're willing to either overlook or slightly alter the boots (they use straps not laces so it's even easier than usual).
Resin Master - Chipster
Chipster is one of the survivors of the same dark line experimentation that resulted in both Smudgester and H4.  Seen here well after his escape, fully armoured in a custom made powersuit and armed with a Heavy Shard gun somehow acquired from the Galactic Navy, equipped with the thermal injection unit.
Resin Master - Chipster Spaceclad
Chipster is one of the survivors of the same dark line experimentation that resulted in both Smudgester and H4.  Seen here armed with genetically enhanced strength and razor sharp claws and armoured in 5 incheses of pure muscle.
We aren't sure if this will cast in metal, so for the time being it's priced as a resin only Master.

(And yes, I am proud of the 'Spaceclad' pun, thank you for asking!)
Resin Master - JoJo
Here we see JoJo from above as an older, less worried, survivor.

We aren't sure if this will reach metal or not yet, if it does it will be a long time coming :)
Resin Master - Skelna Skyclad
An elf from one of the Northernmost clans, Skelna is seen here as nature intended - casting a spell and armed with a sword!
Skelna is another of Kev's 'finished dollies'. The likelihood of her making it to metal is very slim indeed so she's priced as a resin only figure.
Resin Master - Mikey
Technically, Mikey doesn't have a description yet as this is basically a 'very' finished dolly. Kev is planning on giving him a choice of being unarmed as a civilian or being armed to use as a survivor. Only he hasn't decided what he'll be armed with yet.

So, as the mould exists, you guys get a chance to buy him as a single piece civilian (hand placement makes it very easy to arm him with your own weapon or even weapons)
Resin Master - Lord Morte
Lord Morte, ex disciple of Ulthrak before finding his own path. Still a worshipper of the Dark Gods it has been some time since anyone has seen him without his slowly deteriorating armour. Armed with a darksteel sword and skull shield.
Resin Master - Gluttony Demon
Summoned from the pits of the 4th hell,  this Demon of Gluttony is inhabited with the soul of a death caused by greed.
And Finally
This newsletter was a long time coming. We've been under the hammer all week so the decision was made to put it off until the regular Sunday. Hope it was worth it for you guys! :)
We'll have another newsletter next weekend with retail news, so Red Box fans keep an eye and we hope to bring some more goodies to you too.
As this week has been all about Kev's minis and all of those images above etc. there's not a great deal to add so I'm going to be uncharacteristally brief and just say...
'Til next time,

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