Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games's Wednesday article, feature and release round-up...
Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, a round-up of the latest articles published on our website...

Rebellion - New York 1776

Scenario: American War of Independence - Chatterton's Hill

Can the New York Continentals hold off a British Redcoats victory? View Article

Antares Events:

Launch Day In Your Local Store

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Get Started

Interested in starting Bolt Action?

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M3 White Scout car

View Article
Earlier this week we released a IMTel video with all our guys here at Warlord and their thoughts about the upcoming Beyond The Gates Of Antares
Find out more here
This week on Warlord Wednesday - Unboxing Antares Boromite Gang Fighters!
Latest Updates Here
If you'd like to contribute an article or promote an event, please get in touch at


Zulu Battle Scenes

View Article


Iwo Jima Bunker Assault

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USMC Camo Tutorial

View Article
Final Countdown till Release

Upcoming Events


Millenium Con - Austin TX


FALL IN! - Lancaster PA


CRISIS - Antwerp


WARFARE - Reading

The Warlord Games website is packed with great examples of painting and modelling, expert tips and how-to guides, extra rules and scenarios for our various game systems, plus action-packed battle reports and fascinating historical accounts.

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