Friday, 20 November 2015

Wyrd Black Friday Sale

Some information on what's available via Wyrd Games's Black Friday sale and some new pictures from their forums courtesy of Aaron.

Over to Aaron...

Below are some of the details about the Black Friday sale. I intend to update this post as information changes (all availability is subject to change).
  • When: November 26 until December 2
  • Where: Wyrd's webstore
  • What: See below.
Please note that due to the high volume of orders we receive during this time, you should allow extra time for delivery. We will not begin shipping any orders until November 30th.
The Black Friday sale includes special offerings that are not regularly available and pre-releases. Images of renders, etc will be available when the models are added to the webstore.
Special Offerings
  • New to this sale:
    • Nightmare Coryphee - $35.00
    • Kaeris Crew (Translucent Orange) - $50.00
    • Jakob Lynch Crew (Translucent Purple) - $45.00
    • Kaeris Crew (Dayglow Orange) - $50.00
    • Jakob Lynch Crew (Dayglow Purple) - $45.00
  • Other:
    • Past special editions, such as the colored plastics, will be made available
    • A translucent red Dark Carnival set will be available - $100
  • Giveaways:
    • Giveaways totals include everything on the webstore, but totals do not include shipping or taxes. Soulstones used in the Henchman webstore do not apply to the total. There are no substitutions.
      • If you spend $150 or more, you will receive free Firestarter and Francisco alternative figures.
      • If you spend $300 or more, you will receive free Dr. Dufresne (counts as McMourning) and Barbaros alternative figures.
  • New pre-releases:
    • Iggy - $11.00
    • Datsue Ba & Seishen - $30.00
    • Snow Storm - $35.00
    • Blessed of December - $16.00
    • Shikome - $16.00
    • Sue - $11.00
    • Angelica - $11.00
    • Tengu - $24.00
    • Sammy LaCroix - $11.00
    • Tuco - $11.00
    • Slate Ridge Mauler - $16.00
    • Gunsmiths - $18.00
    • Silent Ones - $18.00
    • The Drowned - $21.00
    • Ashes & Dust - $35.00
    • Insidious Madnesses - $24.00
    • Lelu & Lilitu - $18.00
    • Guild Hounds - $21.00
    • Dead Doxies - $18.00
    • Black Blood Shamans - $18.00
    • Bayou Gators - $24.00
    • Aionus (see below) - $15
  • Older pre-releases:
    • We will also have all pre-releases that were available at GenCon
Aionus is an Outcast Mercenary created to celebrate ten years of Wyrd. He is made out of PVC and comes fully assembled, ready to hit the gaming table. Aionus will receive a general release and is tournament legal with his own unique rules, which will be included in a future Malifaux book; we are just releasing him early to celebrate our birthday!
Malifaux will not be moving to PVC, we just decided to try something different for our anniversary celebration. You can see images below. These images are exactly how the model comes. The only other thing included in the box is a base and the stat card.

There's also some render previews...

...and a look at the sprues for the translucent crews...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. I don't think sale means what they think it means.

  2. Are the other renders available as well? For the Insidious Madness, for example?

    1. Some can be found with a bit of searching. The Insidious Madness one has been around a while...


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