Saturday, 28 November 2015

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More Black Friday weekend deals...this time from Mantic Games...

The Blackest Weekend

A very happy thanksgiving to everyone - we hope that all of our friends across the pond have had a great day gorging on turkey. It’s our turn to give a little this weekend, with some exclusive offers for Black Friday Weekend - it's time to get ready for Christmas.

The standout offer has to be the enormous 50% off the Deadzone Boxed Game.
Deadzone is the futuristic skirmish game played in nightmarish urban quadrants and cities, and for this weekend only you can get the boxed game for just £32.49 / $49.99 - that's 50% off!

The set includes:

Two complete Enforcer and Plague faction starters, including a monstrous Plague 1st Gen, worth £20/$35 each.

- A battlefield in a box: Your fighters will battle it out in the depths of a Battlezones Urban District (£24.99/$39.99), included in the box. These plastic tiles allow you to clip together buildings and walkways easily. The system is fully modular, meaning you can unclip your tiles and build something different, and looks great on top of the high quality gridded deluxe gaming mat (£15/$25). The mat is both tear and crease resistant and folds away for easy storage.

- Everything you need to play: rulebook, counter sheet, two card decks, and dice!
Add all of this up and the game is worth over £90/$150 - and you can get it all for just £32.49/$49.99 this weekend only - that's all of the scenery, a deluxe gaming mat, half a faction starter and all of the game components for free.

Get yours now, offers end 11:59pm GMT Monday 30th November.

Also in our Black Friday Weekend:

Save £30/$65 on all of the DreadBall Xtreme Xpansions.
Play Xtreme with any DreadBall team or player, build your sponsors, play multi-player matches and add new traps, giants and sponsors to your games. The Xpansion Bundle has it all – get it now.
Deadzone Books – 50% off
Deadzone for £32.50 not enough for you? Add extra missions, backgrounds, mercenaries, units and more with the Deadzone expansion books, available for less than £5/$10 each.
Mantic Digital
Black Friday comes to Mantic Digital with 25% off all DreadBall, Deadzone, DreadBall Xtreme, Mars Attacks  and we've still got 25% off Uncharted Empires, the brand new Kings of War supplement, too.
Mars Attacks This Christmas
Fight Martians, swot mutant bugs and shoot giant stompy robots, the world has gone insane, and it’s all available to play out on the tabletop. Featuring Mars Attacks, four different expansions, Martian Dredd, and the ENORMOUS giant robot, this bundle saves you £80/$150.
Go loco for Loka – 50% off
With ready-to-play chess pieces and an elegant scaling dice system,take command of the elements this Christmas in this strategy game of fantasy battles.
More Than 15% Off
DreadBall Teams

Simple as that, get over 15% off every DreadBall team in the range. It's time to play 'ball!
Hurry! Order now to avoid disappointment. Click here for ourLast Recommended Christmas Shipping Dates.
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