Friday, 27 November 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

A 10% discount from Hasslefree Miniatures until the end of November...

The Artemis Black Friday Special!
From now until the end of November there's 10% off everything at our store!
What's the code?
Lots of people enter our codes in the comments section, however the code box is on the final confirmation page before payment. It's at the very top of the page. If you reach the 'enter your card/paypal details' page then you've gone one step too far :)
Seems a bit simple?
I know what you're thinking, just 10%? Well firstly, that's rude! :) And secondly, as we just had our yearly sale then we thought we'd do something a little different this time.

As well as the 10% code that applies across the entire website, there is a special Artemis Black Friday page with a number of miniatures at 40% off!  We've chosen 35 miniatures across a variety of categories, both old and new.

There will just be 10 each of these available, so it's first come first served, just like the real thing :) Try not to elbow any old ladies on the way to the checkout!
And Finally...
As always with our sales, if you bought something a couple of hours ago we'll take care of you :)
New Releases next week, along with the re-activation of our Christmas minis and hopefully some news about the expansion of the Artemis Black's section again!

I hope all of our US fans had a very Happy Thanksgiving :)
'Til next time,

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